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Horror Show Sunday: Take Those Little Girls Home…

We Oppose Rape


In Nigeria, the pastor of Deeper Life Bible Church, a pentecostal church in Orhiomwon, Fidelis Eze, has admitted that he took two 11-year girls home and had sex with them, yet he denies doing anything wrong, saying they “consented”.

According to Edo State Police Commissioner, Foluso Balogun, who laments the rising incidence of child rape in Nigeria, “This (pointing at Eze) is a pastor. He defiled two young girls; it is very nauseating.”

Eze told reporters “It was sometime last year which was when the two girls (Joy and Anthonia) came to my house. It was Joy that brought Anthonia to my house. It was the same day that I had sex with them and they agreed.  The father of Joy got to know and he called me and I pleaded for forgiveness and since then I have not seen them again, they even packed out of our vicinity. It was this year (July14) that the father came with policemen to arrest me.”

Religious Horror Show: Because ‘Religion Doesn’t Hurt Anyone’…



9/30/12 – Muslim Imams more than happy to marry underage girls to pervert Islamic men!

10/7/12 – Catholics argue age of consent is 14 so they can put a pedophile priest back to work.

10/14/12 – Julia Lovemore murders her 6-week old daughter by stuffing pages from the Bible in her mouth, authorities knew she and her husband were religiously deranged and did nothing.

10/21/12 – Benjamin Edetanlen beat his young son to death because the Bible says “spare the rod, spoil the child”.  Too bad we don’t allow stoning these days.

10/28/12 – Hey, when you can’t convert a Christian to your Muslim faith, kidnap and rape his 2-year old daughter, that’ll teach him to respect your religion of peace!

11/3/12 – If it’s not bad enough when Muslims kill non-Muslims, what about when they kill other Muslims?  Don’t you think Allah would frown on that kind of thing since, presumably, they’re not infidels?  And while we’re off killing other Muslims, why not drive a bomb-laden jeep into a Christian church?

11/11/12 – Because kidnapping gay men, imprisoning them against their will and screaming into their ears has been shown to scare away the gay, right?

11/18/12 – You’d better memorize your Qu’ran or your mother might beat you to death with a hammer, then light your body on fire!  Ah, Islam, the religion of peace!

12/2/12 – In India and Africa, killing children for being witches and harvesting their body parts

Convicted Child-Molesting Pastor Dino Cardelli Returns to Humboldt; Resentencing Hearing Monday…


Lost Coast Outpost

Dino Cardelli, an Arcata pastor who was sentenced to 18 years of prison on charges of child molestation and intimidation of a witness back in 2011, has been returned to Humboldt County to be resentenced on the orders of a state appellate court.

Cardelli was booked into the Humboldt County Jail on Wednesday after having been transferred from Valley State Prison, where he is serving his sentence. His resentencing hearing is currently scheduled for Monday at 1:30 p.m. in Room Eight of the Humboldt County Courthouse.

The question at the hearing is a relatively minor one, but it is possible that Cardelli — the former leader of Arcata’s Calvary Chapel church — could have two years knocked off his sentence.

In October, a panel of three judges from California’s First Apellate District ruled that court officers at Cardelli’s original Humboldt County trial misunderstood the amount of discretion available to Judge Bruce Watson when Cardelli was originally sentenced in 2011.