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Democratic Party Reverses 2008 Restrictions on Lobbying and Corporate Influence…



From Shadowproof

 With former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton set to have a fundraiser with a lobbyist for the NRA, the topic of money and politics has come back to center stage. Clinton has tried to use Senator Bernie Sander’s positions on gun control to paint herself as more progressive, despite in 2008 using then-Senator Barack Obama’s positions on gun control to show him to be too progressive.

But Clinton is not the only one revising 2008 positions. The Democratic National Committee announced it will be reversing restrictions introduced by presidential candidate Barack Obama in 2008 that banned donations from federal lobbyists and political action committees. Hope and change (back).

Of course, to say “announced” is not accurate. The lifting of the restrictions on lobbyists and corporate PACs was, according to The Washington Post, “quietly introduced at some point during the past couple of months.” The DNC has reportedly already named a finance director for PAC donations and lobbyists have already been solicited to make party contributions.

Is this the most transparent party in American history?