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WILLIAM EDELEN (1922 – 2015)
The Contrary Minister

William Edelen was born in West Texas and spent his boyhood there and in Oklahoma City. He flew for twelve years as a U.S. Marine Corps pilot, flying both fighter planes and transports in World War II and Korea. This included one tour of duty as one of five personal pilots assigned to the staff of the Commandant of the Marine Corps, Washington D.C. He requested a discharge and returned to Oklahoma State University where he received the Bachelor of Science degree in Horticulture. He then entered McCormick Theological Seminary (on the campus of the University of Chicago) where he received his Masters degree in Theology.

After serving Presbyterian churches for six years he received a grant to do further studies in the Graduate School of Anthropology, the University of Colorado. Concluding two years there he returned to the active minisstry in the Congregational Church. He taught Comparative Religion and Anthropology for seven years at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington. During those same years he was the minister of the First Congregational Church in Tacoma.

In 1990 he received a grant from the Annenberg Foundation to promote religious literacy through writing and speaking. His home base was Palm Springs, California.

He wrote regular weekly columns for many Western newspapers including The Idaho Statesman of Boise, Idaho, The Desert Sun of Palm Springs, California, The News Press of Santa Barbara, California, The Chiefton of Pueblo, Colorado, The Herald of Everett, Washington, The Press Democrat of Santa Rosa, California, The Navigator of Bodega Bay, California, and the Tacoma News Tribune of Tacoma, Washington.

In 1990 he started a Sunday Symposium at Oakmont in Santa Rosa, California, a weekly meeting where he lectured for 445 minutes, followed by 30 minutes of discussion.

In 1994 he moved to Palm Springs, California where he started a similar Sunday Symposium at the Palm Springs Tennis Club. For three years, he had a regular, hour-long radio talk show on KPSL Palm Springs. He also wrote a blog and lectured widely in the Western states.


[I enjoyed Bill’s column that ran in the local newspaper when I was living in Sonoma County in the 1980s. When the Press Democrat dropped his column, I lost track of him.  In 2012, one of his columns showed up in a local newspaper in Mendocino County where I live now and I discovered that he had a blog and was still producing columns. Within weeks he mentioned in his blog that he needed help producing his posts and I volunteered to add his columns to this blog. I was already producing Gene Logsdon’s blog named The Contrary Farmer, so I suggested that we name Bill’s posts The Contrary Minister, which he heartily agreed. Bill and Gene are both gone now, but their superb writing lives on… ~ds]

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