JEFF COX: Intolerance


Kenwood, Sonoma County

Recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia, are not an isolated example of white supremacists voicing their opinion about the glory of Robert E. Lee and the Old South. Those alt-right marches are just one small node in an interconnected web of right-wing agendas that now extend widely through our entire society, church and state, corrupting our institutions as they spread.

This wide web of agendas smells strongly of racism, fascism, and religious and political fundamentalism. In a word: intolerance for anything but the Trump-approved line.

For example, take Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’s plan to siphon money from our public schools to pay for vouchers that will be given to parents to pay for sending their kids to private schools. Sounds pretty benign, right? Wrong. Most of those private schools are religious—and not just religious like Catholic schools, but fundamentalist Evangelical Christian schools, where the kids will be indoctrinated in alt-right ideas about the superiority of the white race and the Christian equivalent of Sharia law. Does that sound hysterical? Get a copy of “The Good News Club” by Katherine Stewart, published five years ago, that details how far underway this agenda already is, and Google “Betsy DeVos and the move toward Evangelical Christian education” to see how far the movement has come in the past five years.

Here’s the subtext, as sketched by Steve Bannon, Trump’s “chief strategist”—the so-called wall between church and state needs to come down. With DeVos’s vouchers, the state, in effect, supports religious schools. Instead of the liberal, humanistic, secular education taught in public schools, children will be taught the kind of bogus fundamental Christianity represented by people like Jerry Falwell Jr. and Pat Robertson.

This is what Trump means by his slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

Schools and the indoctrination of our children are just the beginning. Fake News, alternative facts, constant lies, and contradictory statements serve to sow confusion among the citizens. Don’t trust the news media. Trust the “Real News” as promulgated by Donald Trump.

Don’t trust Black Lives Matter or any other minority organization. Hands off the police. Scientists are liars—there is no man-made global warming. Our intelligence services spout nonsense. 9/11 was an inside job.

The opinion columns are full of pundits declaring that Trump is giving Kim Jong-un exactly what he wants by bloviating about nuclear war, without mentioning that Kim Jong-un is giving Trump exactly what he wants by giving him an excuse to control the world through fear. Oh, and we might just invade Venezuela.

Dismantle our environmental protections because those regulations suppress jobs. Privatize our national parks and monuments. Open public lands to mining and drilling. It’s okay to shoot endangered species. Trump will tell you the truth through his many outlets, including fundamentalist Christian schools where the earth is 6,000 years old and God’s Kingdom is on its way. It just got to Jonestown early.

The Trump administration is an intolerable affront to everything aspirational that this great country has stood for throughout its history. The longer this bullshit goes on, the more difficult it’s going to be to pry it loose. Next come the wholesale arrests. Then the uniforms.

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This is soooo right on! Very scary! I think we have reached the point of no return and I’m glad I’m old.