Humanist Global: Humanism in Uganda can alleviate many of the region’s life-threatening problems…


From Humanist Global

Humanism 1) promotes rational thinking / debunks superstition 2) provides an option to the conflict between Christianity and Islam 3) supports women’s education 4) supports condom use 4) supports family planning 5) supports tolerance of other tribes 6) supports gay rights 6) promotes education for both genders 7) supports environmental concerns

HG’s humanism is outlined in The Code for Global Ethics: Ten Humanist Principles by Rodrigue Tremblay. We deliver the poster below to our African humanist communities, plus we send our own humanist lectures.


Africa Needs Humanism – by Leo Igwe

Millions of Africans suffer under the tyranny of fear and ignorance

Africa needs humanism to realize its potential!

  • Humanists can provide a place where Africans can think freely without the fear of god.
  • Humanists can help African children by campaigning for improvement of education.
  • Humanists can help women and girls achieve equality in their societies.
  • Humanists can help the elderly and disabled, ensuring they are not abused, branded as witches, and killed.
  • Humanists can speak up for gay people, for their dignity, humanity and equal rights.
  • Humanists can combat exploitation by prophets, pastors and imams.
  • Humanists can free people from the bondage of superstition, fanaticism and dogma.
  • Humanists can campaign for secular society and government based on the will of the people.

Dark Age forces – religious extremism, dogma, superstition – hijack African politics, corrupt democracy, hamper social progress and human rights.

Priests, pastors, prophets, imams, and witch doctors confuse, manipulate and exploit ignorant folks.

Witch hunters, jihadists and ‘crusaders’ – in Mali, Nigeria, Uganda, Sudan, Egypt, Kenya, Somalia, Algeria – incite people to kill, maim and abuse, in the name of their god.

Humanism can be a force for peace, freedom and emancipation.

Many Africans are at war due to religious bigotry; many live in slavish situations due to irrational superstition. Religious violence ravages communities leaving death and destruction.

African Humanists can promote Peace, Emancipation and Enlightenment…

…to further the African Renaissance.