Impeach the Indolent Imposter Now!


From Dave Smith

Louise Mensch is connecting the dots like no other… tracking Trump’s bag man lawyer as he pays off the computer hacker hit men who installed Trump in the presidency…

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One Comment

Well, it’s certainly an heroic attempt to connect dots. But what dots are actually connected remains uncertain, as so much here is conjecture and supposition, even if artfully assembled. Numerous references and citations from The Daily Mail do not instill confidence, and a read of Ms. Mensch’s bio page on Wikipedia raises further questions. From my own personal observation over many decades, and especially the last two or three, it would seem that Russia – ringed as it is with our proxy NATO installations – has more concrete cause for concern about us than we do about them. Our national policy and enormous military-industrial complex requires a bogeyman to demonize. If any of this is fact, perhaps it reflects an attempt at covert self-defense in the face of relentless aggression? Unfortunately, as with so much of today’s ‘news’, we may never really know. The nation is still waiting for the real story on Pearl Harbor, JFK/RFK/MLK, and 9/11.

Where are you now, Mrs. Robinson?