Kids More Likely To Be Molested At Church Than In Transgender Bathrooms…



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In just 1 month, 13 pastors were arrested for sexual assault & rape. Another was arrested for selling 68 babies, another for a DUI & a priest is in trouble for orgies & pimping out women. All the while, religious GOP lawmakers in 6 states filed anti-trans bathroom bills to “protect women and kids.”

Former children’s pastor arrested in Alabama for the second time for sexual abuse of a child under 12. 1.

Georgia youth minister arrested for having sex with a 14 year old 2.

Pastor in Charlotte charged with 9 armed robberies. 3.

Pastor in California arrested for sexually assaulting a 12 year old. 4.

Tennessee worship leader charged with exploitation of a minor. 5.

Minnesota pastor beat a boy for “testing God.” 6.

Pastor in Jamaica arrested after being caught doing some naughty things in his car with a 15 year old. 7.

Wellington Pastor is charged with sexual assault of a minor. 8.

Pastor arrested in Nigeria for selling 68 babies. 9.

Pastor charged with 5 counts of child molestation. 10.

Georgia pastor arrested for attempting to have sex with a minor. 11.

Pastor arrested for raping a 16 year old after church service. 12.

Trinidad pastor arrested for child rape. 13.

Mozambique pastor arrested for child rape. 14.

Youth ministry worker arrested for child sex crimes. 15.

Minister arrested for raping a teen. 16.

Texas priest charged with a DUI. 17.

Priest arrested for sexually assaulting minor boy. 18.

Priest accused of organizing orgies in the rectory and pimping out 15 women. 19.

Anglican priest charged with 30 counts of gross indecency and sexual assault. 20.

Time and time again, religious right lawmakers introduce bills attempting to ban transgender folks from public bathrooms…as if transgender people are a danger to women and kids. All the while, there are on average 70 reports of sexual abuse in churches per week in the United states. Link.

Transgender folks aren’t the problem.

Where are the bills banning sex offenders from bathrooms? Where are the bills protecting kids from rapey pastors and priests?

Oh, right… the religious right doesn’t give a fuck about real sexual assault that is happening in their own churches. They would rather demonize transgender folks than deal with the real problem.

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