Rational Suicide: Why Suicide Drugs Should Be Issued To The Elderly…

Suicide is a fundamental human right, not just a medical privilege conferred on the terminally ill. Euthanasia drugs should be issued to all those over 70 to use if they wish. Longevity and quality of life will increase.

For more than two decades Dr Philip Nitschke has been active in the Australian right to die movement, and has influenced the worldwide debate on voluntary euthanasia. In 1996, Dr Nitschke became the first physician in the world to administer a legal lethal voluntary injection to four terminally ill patients in 1996 under the Australia’s Rights of the Terminally Ill Act.

As Founder and Director of Exit International – a leading end of life rights advocacy and information non-profit – Dr Nitschke has written extensively in the area of voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide including two books, Killing Me Softly: Voluntary Euthanasia and the Road to the Peaceful Pill published by Penguin and The Peaceful Pill eHandbook published by Exit International USA. His autobiography Damned if I Do with Peter Corris was published by Melbourne University Press in 2013.

Dr Nitschke holds a PhD in applied physics from Flinders University and is a graduate of Sydney Medical School.


Thank you for posting this TEDx talk by Dr. Nitschke. I’m 65 and have been in the right to die movement since age 30 after watching too many relatives die horrible deaths, knowing that wasn’t how I wanted to end my days. Dr. Nitschke’s idea may sound crazy to some, but it makes a lot of sense to me. Why should others who disagree have the right to take my choices from me? If you who are reading this agree, join your local Compassion & Choices, or Hemlock Society, or Final Exit Network, to ensure you’ll get the death you want.

I believe we have the right to choose when we die,i watched my late husband suffer not being able to breath,he used to beg me to help him die,if i had of known how to help him i would have,he has been gone just over 10 years,but even today i can still see his struggle to breath,that will never leave me,my mother in nursing home,cant walk wears nappies,arms now going on her,she still has a great mind,if that was me i would rather die,she says she wants to go,i no when i am ready to die i will find away,no way will i live life where i can no longer care for myself,we should have that choice

I can only support Philip’s proposition to supply euthanasia drugs to all over 70. This way all will be able to have a free choice and it is intensely nauseating that some people have the means to deny us that choice.

J Grahame Booth 9 Waite Ave. Seacombe Hts SA 5047 January 23, 2017 at 1:06 am

My dear old Dad used to say “if I knew how to do it I’d kill us both”, referring to my Mother when they were in a Nursing home together. Fortunately he died a painless death sat up in bed with oxygen to alleviate his pneumonia, but my Mother lingered on for another 18 months, oblivious to my daily visits. One night I was asked if I would approve the use of morphine to ease her pain. Next day she had gone. It should have been done when my father died. They both died at 93. I’m 76, very active and would love to live to 100 – IF I still have my marbles. If not please give me the “Peaceful Pill”. Knowing I had a “pill” in my safe would give great peace of mind. No one should be allowed to comment on the euthanasia debate unless they have had first hand experience of a loved one’s death.

    I also totally agree we should have that right why would it be a crime , it is my live
    seeing my husband mowed down at a young 54 by cancer a fit man
    Then just lay there friend doing your job.He died peacefully but please have the right
    to say farewell to live what is not worth living

How frightened we all are of death, but all of us have to face it in the end. How much better to have control if the situation warrants it. Thank you Philip for all your efforts to bring the world to its senses.

At 77 I would LOVE to be able to have this medicine in my cupboard for when I am ready to go. Thank you Doc…just wish it was so NOW!

After seeing my dad and brother in the Palliative care in both Victoria and Cairns where both had horrific end days, I believe there should be the choice to end it here and end it now. I don’t think just giving people the means is right but certainly access on request ti safeguard against undue influence or deliberate murder. But I want the right to choose and the right for my GP to give me the script when I ask for it. Everyone who is ill should have the right to die with dignity and at a time of their choosing bad most definitely in Palliative care since most people are ignorant of what palliative care actually is…it is to manage pain and supposedly reduce stress but I can assure anyone reading this that palliative care doesn’t stop suffering.