Southbound? Don’t miss the Chicken Gravy….


img_2041Fantasy cake from recent dream partially inspired by first scene from Close Encounters of the Third Kind?

From Dave Smith

If you travel south periodically from Mendocino County to Sonoma County and the Bay Area, you probably have developed favorite food stops that you frequent along the 101 corridor.

Having lived near Healdsburg for years before moving up here to Mendo, we have to stop at the Downtown Bakery on the plaza for a sticky bun and/or croissant on the way down.

Coming back, we may stop at either Amy’s (Vegetarian) Kitchen in Rohnert Park, Whole Foods, or In-and-Out. Now that we are getting our own In-and-Out here in Ukiah, that will soon be off the list due to burger fatigue. But there is also Cape Cod Fish and Chips in Cotati that Jeff Cox, longtime food critic for the Press Democrat, praised years ago.

We may stop again at Downtown Bakery to take home some Bread (Croissant) Pudding.

Just recently we’ve crossed Whole Foods off our list because of Big John’s Market in Healdsburg (Dry Creek turnoff). They’ve expanded into a wonderful Whole Foods style market that is not to be missed. Say hi to Babs at the cheese counter who used to work at the Ukiah Co-op.

Unfortunately, Big John’s deli features organic fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and superb chicken gravy that is so good I cannot get around to trying the many other offerings… I just go straight for the chicken and gravy every time. Unfortunate indeed!

If I still lived in Healdsburg I would have died and gone to heaven by now, but at least my arteries would have been clogged organically.


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Our favorite for real Mexican food in Healdsburg is the Taqueria Guadalajara
Address: 125 Healdsburg Ave, Healdsburg, CA 95448
Phone:(707) 433-1052
Hours: 9AM–9PM