Michael Laybourn — Mr. Red Tail Ale



From Dave Smith

I’ve resurrected my interview series with Mendocino community stalwarts in the Anderson Valley Advertiser. Michael Laybourn – Mr. Red Tail Ale has just been published here: http://theava.com/archives/62674

Past interviews are available here: http://theava.com/archi…/category/features/mendocino-talking

If you are not a subscriber to The AVA, they are also available on the Mendocino Talking website here: https://mendocinotalking.wordpress.com

Past interviews include: Els Cooperrider, Will Siegel, Tom Liden, Janie Sheppard, Ron Epstein, Steve Baird, Todd Walton, Pinky Kushner, Bruce Anderson, Margaret Fox, Will Parrish, Patrick Ford, Terry d’Selkie, Doug Mosel, and many more.

One Comment

A little more detail for accuracy from paragraph 15. This would not have happened without Supervisor Dan Hamburg efforts.
Talking with Supervisor Dan Hamburg, I got him involved. Supervisor Hamburg and I went down to Marin County and got to know some of the people in making that happen. They scared me because they were so smart.
Dan and I invited Shawn Marshall, one of the Marin Clean Energy founders and a former Mill Valley Mayor up to talk to Rotary and the Board of Supervisors. Sonoma County then also adopted the CCA plan. You have a choice between clean energy or pay more for dirty energy. What a choice. It is crashing the PG&E business model which is dependent on these huge projects without much payback that are funded by our taxes. As the speakers talked to us, I asked how Mendocino County could reap some of these benefits.
Supervisor Hamburg worked with both County Boards to give Mendocino County some of these benefits and our Supes voted yes.
Sonoma Clean Energy provides residents with the option of using cleaner power at a competitive price from sources like solar, wind, geothermal and hydropower. On October 13, 2016, Sonoma Clean Power Joint Powers Authority (SCPA) authorized the expansion of Sonoma Clean Power’s services to the unincorporated areas of Mendocino County and the cities of Fort Bragg, Willits and Point Arena, with the start of service in June 2017.