Africa gets its first humanist bookstore and Internet cafe…


From The Freethinker UK

I was delighted to learn this week that the San Francisco-based Better Brains Institute has opened Africa’s First humanist bookstore and Internet cafe in Uganda.

According to this Africa Humanists report, the venture has been named in honour of Nigerian humanist, human rights activist and journalist Leo Igwe.

Africa Humanists insists that of Africa needs humanism “to combat superstition; to promote scientific thinking; to alleviate violence between Christians and Muslims; and to oppose the lethal dogmas of religion (anti-condoms, homophobia).”

Humanism is spreading in western Uganda. There are now ten humanist and “interested in humanism” schools in the region.

Kasese Humanist Primary School started the science-based movement in 2009, directed by Bwambale Robert Musubaho, the western Uganda humanist leader.

By 2014 it was receiving aid from Brighter Brains Institute.

The next step was the opening of the Leo Igwe Humanist Centre which will stock books such as Igwe’s No Gods, No Saviour, his collection of essays, and Orphans of Ruwenzori: A Humanist Perspective by Musubaho.

The Leo Igwe Humanist Centre will also have computers with Internet access, science books, smartphones for rent, condoms, AFRIpads and GEMpads, and adult literacy classes.

The venture has been entirely funded by a Canadian donor and friend of BBI.

This is the 3rd “FIRST” for BBI. In 2015 they started BiZoHa, the “world’s first atheist orphanage”; in 2009 the BBI director (Hank Pellissier) started the world’s first atheist film festival.