America’s third party voters did us in… thanks so much…




Right next to the statistics that attempt to lay blame to third party voters for voting their conscience by failing to chose the lesser of two evils, is Wendell Berry’s ironic reminder of the fact that choosing the lesser of two evils is still evil. All those who did NOT vote third party had that same opportunity to voice the opposition to blatant corruption and insanity but failed to do so. We who chose third party, if not exactly joyful about recognizing the fact of probable futility, accepted it and can find comfort in knowing, ‘at least we tried’.

I was waiting for someone to trot out the tired old line about the “spoilers.” News flash: it wasn’t Clinton’s “right” to become our President. She had to earn it, and she didn’t. Democrats have ignored the concerns of working class voters around trade, student loan debt, and militarization of our country. Average people were just fed up. Obviously, as Van Jones said last night, there was a “whitelash” against our first black President, but I suspect most Trump voters were voting against the corruption of the establishment and not against African Americans, Muslims, or immigrants. As a Green Party member and supporter of Jill Stein, I have to point out that Clinton would have continued the approach to war with Russia that has been underway the last few years. Trump, if he is to be believed (and that’s a big question mark), will treat Russia as a partner and not as an enemy. In the final analysis, Democrats did themselves in. Thanks to Wikileaks, we know the depth of the corruption of the DNC that tipped the primary to Clinton over Sanders. Had it not been for Clinton’s lust for power and the DNC’s unethical support of her in the primaries, we would today have President-elect Bernie Sanders rather than Trump. No, Jill Stein is not to blame for the Democrats’ loss. Rather than fixing blame on a tiny third party that hardly got any votes, think about all the voters who were turned off by Clinton’s duplicity and just didn’t vote. There were a lot more of those than votes for Stein/Baraka. Focus on what we can do to build a real progressive alternative (or render the Democratic Party more progressive, if that’s even possible), whether it’s the Greens, Socialist Alternative, or something new.

    Thank you Diane. We were given a choice of two very big evils, and it looks like we probably got the lesser. The DNC is responsible for this horrible situation. If they had not rigged the primary against Bernie, he would now be our president. I too voted Green.

    You are right in everything you’ve said. This lifelong Democrat has left the party and its corrupt DNC and super delegates. Their treatment of Bernie Sanders and several progressive senatorial candidates was despicable and, obviously, very, very foolish.

Well, technically, that’s true – if people had had some sort of prescience, etc., perhaps they might have given up their 3rd party “ideals” to vote for the Hillary candidate. But, you really should be thanking the benighted moron class of “po white trash”, in the murky middle regions of our country, the under-educated (or less) class of patriots and inhabitants of industrial and agricultural wastelands, culturally impoverished small cities and towns spread like crumbs across the vast spaces between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. They are your anonymous “heroes” of election day. Why would they have supported a slick, well spoken and obviously “educated” member of the well established “establishment”?

This sort of tired but predictable response to an avoidable thrashing is only further proof of how stupid and short-sighted the Democratic party has become. They had a winning candidate – Bernie Sanders – and they undercut his campaign in favor of Ms. “My Turn”, a truly unlikeable creature of the DC/NY echo chamber and fully sold-out water carrier for corporate power. I wager her speaking fees will drop precipitously. In this case, the continuing gullibility of the people was throughly over-estimated, along with their overworked patience. Where it goes from here is at least an unknown, which apparently has greater appeal than more of the same. All the whining is a reflection of the problem described above.