Voluntary Exits: Secular Coalition Celebrates Historic Step Forward for Death With Dignity in D.C…


From Secular Coalition

The Secular Coalition for America applauds the DC City Council for passing the Death with Dignity Act (B 21-38) 11-2 in an initial vote. The bill would establish a regulated process by which terminally ill patients can receive a prescription for drugs allowing them to hasten their deaths, if and when they choose.

“We are thrilled to see an overwhelming majority of the Council move this bill forward,” said Sarah Levin, Senior Legislative Representative of the Secular Coalition for America. “So many of us have been touched by this issue, including several Councilmembers who shared their personal stories today.”

The DC City Council is expected to hold a final reading of the bill on November 15, after which it will head to Mayor Bowser’s desk for signature. The Secular Coalition for America and its local chapter affiliate, the Secular Coalition for DC (SCDC), has lobbied in support of the Death with Dignity Act and provided testimony at the bill’s hearing before the Health and Humans Services Committee in July of 2015.

2015 poll found that 67 percent of District of Columbia residents support the right of terminally ill adults with less than six months to live to legally obtain medication to end their lives.