Phil Baldwin: No On Trump, No On Hillary…



From Phil Baldwin

Not a Trump supporter, I vote no on Hillary. Yes, Trump seems menacing. But we hear roughly the same every four years, only this campaign hearkens back 52 years to the anti-Goldwater fear mongering. It worked brilliantly then and just five months after LBJ’s victory we got war in Vietnam. With the likely HRC win in November expect the same – another war.

Hillary has championed one disastrous war after another and this explains why the War Party now endorses her. Our War Party includes all major think tanks, each funded by arms industry giants: Boeing, Northrup-Grumman, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Lockheed-Martin, and McDonald-Douglas. The New Yorker, NYT, WSJ, WaPo, CNN, Daily Beast, MSNBC comprise its propaganda arm.

Foreign policy “experts,” whether liberal interventionists or Republican neocons, now flocking to Hillary, have one thing in common. They promoted U.S. wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and, like Hillary, got each of them wrong.

All support Clinton not because Trump makes bigoted, misogynistic comments, not because he seems an egomaniacal adolescent, not because he’s the NRA’s guy. They back Hillary because Trump’s not on board with the 1%’s “play book.” They’re freaked that he has suggested such dangerous ideas as “getting along with Russia,” the absurdity of NATO today, and that we should “end these nation building regime change wars.” So, yes, the War Party intends to crush Donald Trump.

Do friends care that to achieve this Trump demolition the Democratic wing of the War Party now foments a crazed jingoism, demonization, brinksmanship targeting Russia, Syria, China, and Iran? Surely our associates know HRC was a vociferous proponent of the disastrous Iraq War and that as Secretary of State she exposed a learning disability by repeating the blunder in Libya. Her advocacy of that bombardment generated failed state chaotic violence and misery, a new base for ISIS, plus tens of thousands of refugees. And whose temperament? Upon hearing of Gadaffi’s rape and murder by Islamist terrorists, Hillary laughed while paraphrasing Caesar “We Came, We Saw, He Died.” Five years later our tax dollars fund another air war on Libya.

And having failed to achieve Damascus regime change using proxy “moderate” head chopping jihadists, Hillary now promotes outright war on Syria. Are our friends bothered one iota that Hillary’s foreign policy leadership on Iraq, Libya, and Syria has yielded to date at least 300,000 combatant deaths, 300,000 civilian deaths, five million refugees – 98% “people of color” – all with nary a racist epithet?

It seems likely our next President will not only “believe with all” her “heart that America is an exceptional country” but that the secular President of Syria “has to go” and that the President of nuclear powerhouse (and Syria ally) Russia is akin to “Hitler.”

Second only to her endless wars is the corruption. No room here to review the $22 million Hillary garnered from Wall Street between 2013 and 2015. We do however know had she not been the presumed next President, Clinton would not have been offered, as she put it, “the going rate.” No time here either for the dripping Wikileaks pay-to-play and DNC rigging emails.

Hillary’s Democratic Party is hyped for war with Syria, even Russia. That reason alone is sufficient for us to reject her candidacy and instead support one of the two leading antiwar parties. Vote Green or Libertarian November 8, a combined vote that will kick start opposition to the next planned war of choice.


Thank you for posting this! Too many people are falling for the same old lesser of two evils scam. I will be voting third party for sure, though not for the Libertarian. A yuuge protest vote would definitely give the crooks that have hijacked our government something to think about. There is also some hope that Wikileaks will come forward with more information on the Clintons, hopefully in time to stop this charade. The Trump scare seems to be mostly an attempt to get Hillary elected. It’s just too crazy to be real. He may well be throwing the fight with lots of help from the media.

Welcome Phil, to the gathering of well-read nobodies up here in the northern grasslands where we wring our hands compulsively as Donald Trump, like Dennis Kucinich and Bernie Sanders before him, finds that reform or even a small change in the two party system cannot be done from within. Big money, huge corporations, a well tuned war machine and a congress that feeds upon them will not allow outside voices. It doesn’t even seem to matter whether we win or lose these regional battles in the Syria or Libya so long as the war machine is properly fed and the American dollar controls the show. Forget this nonsense about “the lesser of two evils”, the real evil is the system itself. Hillary Clinton will be the new hand-maiden of the war machine, while the Pentagon remains its Director. Neither Jill Stein, Elizabeth Warren, or Gary Johnson will have any impact upon this charade. Even Donald Trump, simply suggesting that we live in peace with the Russian Bear, is met with derisive screams from those who run the War Machine and their mouthpieces in the main stream media. So, we must await the collapse of the American dollar as out debt reaches $20 trillion. Many suspect this will be happening quite soon, And then our dollar hegemony will be broken and peace could just possibly break out. In the interim, we can harvest our grasslands and hope no one is foolish enough to drop the Big One.

Hey, Phil! Really good one, and “it” (the entire post) serves to profile the stark conundrum this nation faces… more than ordinary voters can manage, I fear. Trump presidency is really unthinkable, and Clinton (in your projection) is a mortal danger. So, as pointed out in your summary, the “good” folks, the “responsible” people, are going to have to gamble on long shot prospects (Jill Stein, et al) for influencing the course of events — side note, you have to wonder what ‘s up with Sanders, whom you chose not to mention. He’s seeing the same political environment we’re discussing here, very likely understands the dire consequences implicit in a worst case Clinton scenario (that in itself, however, is a projection about her presumed foreign agenda) – he needs to be brought into this discussion. He’s a missing link, in other words, in the so-called

Yes, no mention in my piece above about Bernie Sanders. Although from last February to mid July, I was a fanatical Berner, working as hard as anyone for his candidacy here in Ukiah valley, he’s disappointed me greatly at least three times. First, in May of 2015 when he live-streamed his Presidential bid announcement and we watched him at a friends’ house in Ukiah, Bernie failed to mention foreign policy, war, drones, regime change chaos, or military spending; he uttered not a peep, not one word on the subject of war. In mid July when he conceded the nomination and endorsed HRC I concluded he betrayed many of us because he had promised a “contested convention.” And then last Wednesday, when he live-streamed the “Our Revolution” announcement, once again Bernie failed (refused) to mention foreign policy, war, drones, regime change chaos, or military spending. (Only Tulsi Gabbard, coming on board last February, nudged him to mention the failure of regime change war and even then Bernie’s mention of war was rare and tepid.) Simply, Bernie has failed to relate the repair of our nation here at home to disastrous war policy and misplaced spending on weapons of war. Patrick Martin at the World Socialist Web Site states the Bernie problem well.

Indeed, indeed. And our own very slow-motion coup here in the Homeland was firmly cemented in place by the infamous events of 9/11. The whole sordid show in now right out in the open, yet still the con remains largely effective. We can (and most of us will) vote, but don’t count on any revolution from the ballot box, which is already fully under control. The putative American Empire is coming unglued, but something even more odious will likely appear as that skin is shed. Forget Reality TV, it’s Reality itself coming onto center stage now. Perhaps sitting around our Campfire of the Vanities here on the Northern Grasslands is the place to be as it all goes to hell. At least we have plenty of fuel.