Mendocino County Supes: Please Vote for “Community Choice Energy!”


From Michael Laybourn

“Community Choice Energy” gives customers a choice in their energy provider. With Community Choice Energy, cities and counties contract with a licensed energy service provider to purchase energy in bulk, build renewable energy generating facilities, and implement energy efficiency programs. This efficient public/private partnership makes it possible to get the greenest energy at the best rates. This is how we should be able to purchase energy.

But PG&E doesn’t like competition. We saw that when they spent 45 million dollars to change the California constitution to eliminate the competition to stop Marin County and other Community Choice Energy projects.

I followed the Marin Supervisors when they pushed their Marin Clean Energy concept through. Thanks to some very bright people, Marin County can now purchase greener energy at lower rates and 100% solar is available.

Sonoma County saw the success of Marin Clean Energy and created their own Community Choice Energy and yes, it works too.

After seeing these non profit companies make this work, this should be a no brainer: Greener and cheaper and the money stays somewhat local.

Shawn Marshall, who spoke to many in Mendocino County recently, was a main force for Marin Clean Energy. As she has said; “The accomplishments of cheaper cleaner energy proves MCE is a sound business model.” She is correct. I watched it happen. Sonoma County now has Sonoma Clean Energy also and It works.

Sonoma County has offered to let Mendocino County energy users a chance to buy into this setup. Sonoma County’s power has a higher renewable content than PG&E’s. CleanStart is 80% carbon free — 37% from sources considered renewable under California’s regulations, like wind, biomass and geothermal, and 41% from large hydropower facilities.

I don’t think Mendocino County has the money to create its own public power agency. So let’s go with Sonoma County.

Mendocino County Supervisors: Please vote to give us a choice. It’s a good deal.