Bernie Or Bust?





I agree. And Bernie certainly understands that whether he was elected President or someone else was, the movement had to expand, deepen, and keep moving ahead. The questions now is, will the movement have a better chance if Hillary is elected or if Donald is elected. There are many who are fed up with the old system and want to bring the whole house down. Seeing a Trump Presidency, is a way to say “F.U.” to the whole system. I still have hope that we can make positive change without putting an unstable bully in the White House.

We have a disingenuous Neo-Lib/Neo-Con warmonger against a slippery con-man who wandered over from reality TV. Possibly the poorest choice those who bother to vote (and think) have ever faced. Hope, being an abstraction in endless supply, can be endlessly peddled. After all, it worked before. But those who have already been hammered through the cracks, many millions already in an emergency situation, are simply fed up with waiting for the lifeboat and the quadrennial charade our election cycle has become. I used to be a lifeguard – a drowning person will often be so freaked out they just might pull you down too in the effort to get some air. This contest is not happening in a rational arena, and we have both parties to thank for that.