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Isn’t Evolution Just Another Religion That Requires Faith?

No.  A religion is a set of beliefs based on the supernatural, which by definition is untestable and impossible to disprove (or “unfalsifiable”).  Faith, in the religious sense, can be stated as “belief without evidence.”  No aspect of science works this way, including the Theory of Evolution.  All scientific theories have been scrutinized through years of experimentation, and can all be falsifiable.  For example, the Theory of Gravity can be proven false if a scientist can devise an experiment where two bodies did not attract each other.  Likewise, the Theory of Evolution could be proven false if a scientist ever documents the evolution of a new adaptation to an organism which did not in any way benefit the organism’s ability to survive, reproduce, or ensure the survival of its species as a whole.

While scientists may place faith in a scientific theory, their faith is based on past evidence.  For example, all scientists have faith that the Law of Thermodynamics will hold true during an experiment because there is overwhelming past evidence to support this belief.  This is completely different than placing faith in a religious belief, which has no supporting evidence at all.

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Things are not so black and white about evolution.
There is a secular, scientific wing to the ID argument, and they hold to the 4.5 Billion year old earth, and all other scientific laws.

In fact, Krick, the guy who discovered DNA even theorized that the DNA is so perfect, that it could not have evolved out of the muck and mire of a chaotic lifeless earth, and went on to publicly state he thought it came from off-planet: either directed, or non-directed panspermia.

The oldest and biggest fly in the ointment about Darwin’s theory was recognized by Darwin himself. It is called The Cambrian Explosion.

It just goes to show that evolution is not totally explained by what we have found out so far. It is important to note that science is never settled. There’s no such thing as settled science, at least not from a scientific vantage. Evolution and adaptation are pretty well explained and demonstrated. But when it comes to the Cambrian and the relatively instantaneous and unprecedented genesis of the major animal phyla — out of pre-Cambiran “micro-sponges” — about all we can say is, the game is still afoot.