Farewell, Dear Gene…



May 31, 2016

To Gene’s many friends from his blog, sadly, Gene passed away this morning, at home in Ohio with his family, after fighting cancer for several months. I’m sure this will come as a shock as you’ve had no warning. He continued writing up to a few days ago, and actually tried for one last column but could not get it out.

Many years ago, after corresponding for awhile, I met Gene in person when he could not find a publisher for his next book, The Contrary Farmer… and I helped him find one. I spent an afternoon at his home with he and his sweet wife, Carol, and was most struck by his great sense of humor… he just loved to laugh, and he found humor everywhere… as you well know from his writing. Later, I urged him to start a blog and volunteered to create and run it for him… and we, you and I, are all the better for it.

As he wrote at the head of the books page on his blog:

The fact that people of gentle humor and wisdom comment on my blog posts has been the most pleasant and illuminating experience of my life. Bless all of you. ~Gene

I plan to keep his blog, 9 years of wonderful posts, available online so you may visit whenever you wish to do so.

With a heavy heart,
Dave Smith

The Contrary Farmer blog here

Gene’s posts also on our blog here




What a great loss – thank you for keeping those wonderful posts available for us

Farewell Gene…I was shocked to read of his death. Didn’t know he had cancer. I’ve read a few of his books, and found his blog a couple of years ago and have always enjoyed his writing. Reading his work felt like chatting with a friend, and he had such good garden advise.
I will miss Gene and his work, but glad you will be keeping his posts up.

Dave Smith, you are a good man for inspiring Gene to create his blog and maintaining it for him over the years. And now your generosity and kindness inspires you to continue to make Gene’s blog available.Thank you so very much.