Richard Dawkins calls for religion ‘to be offended at every opportunity’…



From The Independent

Dawkins says it’s ridiculous to be accused of racism when you criticise Islam

Richard Dawkins has said he is in favour of offending people’s religion and it should be offended at every opportunity. The controversial atheist academic, 75, argued the public was too worried about being viewed as racist and claimed it is absurd to be accused of racism for criticising Islam.

Dawkins said this was the result of an “absurd double standard” in the Western world which means people are more anxious about attacking Islam than Christianity. “People are terrified of being thought racist,” he told The Times. “There’s an awful confusion in many people’s minds. They think Islam is a race, which of course it isn’t”.

“If you’re seen to criticise Islam you are often accused of racism, which is absurd.

“I’m all for offending people’s religion. I think it should be offended at every opportunity”.

Dawkins also said migrants from Syria and Iraq who have stopped believing in Islam should be prioritised in the immigration system.

“In the case of immigrants from Syria and Iraq I would like to see special preference given to apostates, people who have given up Islam,” he said. “They are in particular danger.”

The evolutionary biologist, whose best-selling book The God Delusion has been downloaded ten million times, is a provocative figure. He has been accused of Islamophobia in the past but dismisses the term as a “non-word”.


Dawkins argument is a rather blatant straw man. The link between attacks on Islam and racism isn’t due to thinking Islam is a race; it’s due to the association of Islam with dark-skinned peoples. White racists find it convenient to attack Muslims and Islam in general as means of attacking other races. This is precisely why attacks on Islam and Muslims are a big part of the whole ‘white genocice’ meme. It isn’t because anyone thinks Islam is a race, but rather because racists often use intermediate categories to get across their message.

How you separate legitimate concerns about Islam both as a religion and as a force in geopolitics from those motivated by simple bigotry is another question. But simply telling us that Islam isn’t a race doesn’t help at all.

It’s also a damned shame to see one of the leading intellectuals associated with atheism coasting like this. If he can’t put more thought into it than this, I really wish he would just move on.

    Your argument is confused and unintelligible. Racism by whites IS against darkskinned people. There certainly are bigots who criticize Islam, but atheists who oppose ALL religions should not be accused of Islamaphobia or bigotry, and pointing out the obvious to uneducated bigots and liberals is certainly not a strawman.

Liberals? Did you really mean that? I agree with your comment, and I’m a “Liberal”. I’m actually called a Progressive, but whatever I am, we don’t disagree. I don’t like gun control, but I’m not a Conservative either. I decide issue by issue as logic dictates. Any “Party Line” looks suspiciously like MK to me.