The Plutocracy Wins Big In New York…




Six year old rant, same old same old. Gotta sit through it? No way, where’s the text, after all this time? What’s the good? Anyone capable of getting it already “has” it, snuff the fucking rest of the stupid shopping public and other Mendocino County idiots who think their local paper and their local politics have importance.

This is a must-read! Most of us do not realize that the Democratic and Republican parties are NOT governmental entities: they are private political clubs who have seized a terrific amount of power! We really need to re-examine how we allow our political process to proceed: delegates, superdelegates…all this is PRIVATE political club activities to ensure that their PRIVATE party wins, by getting their ballots printed for free…oh, read the article!!!!
Most Americans—two-thirds, according to a 2013 Gallup poll—cannot name their own Member of the House of Representatives.