Get it right! Bernie is a Socialist, not a Communist…



From Bruce Anderson
Anderson Valley Advertiser

AS THE ELECTION heats up, and it’s heating up in rather ominous fashion, I can’t help but note some sloppy rhetoric out there beyond the usual fact-free bushwa that is the election process in our doomed country. The carelessness that annoys me most is the casual conflation of socialist and communist as it applies to Bernie Sanders. The Bern is a socialist. Fidel Castro is a communist.

IN REAL LIFE, and real life history, there’s more of a difference between communist and socialist than there is between Democrat and Republican. In America our two parties run the gamut from communist to fascist. We don’t have many socialists, and we have very few communists. We’ve got fascists coming in the windows.

IN THE PARLIAMENTARY countries of the world each ideology has its own political party. (Fascists are coming on strong in much of Europe.) Here, we’re stuck with essentially one party owned by the very wealthy. (There were some unintentionally hilarious comments from Pacific Heights matrons like Doris Fisher and Charlotte Mailliard in Sunday morning’s Chron. They said they’d probably have to leave the country if Bernie became president, and how embarrassed they’d be if Trump got elected. The Fisher family owns the Mendocino Redwood Company, Mrs. Mailliard-Schultz has an interest in Yorkville’s vast Mailliard Ranch.)

BERNIE the socialist says he’ll tax big incomes at 55 percent and break up the big banks. FDR taxed the rich at 95 percent, and the rich were compelled to pay their fair share of the social load up through Eisenhower, after whom the rich took over government for good.

FIDEL CASTRO the communist would simply confiscate the money and property of the rich, including the banks. That’s what he did in Cuba. By the way, he didn’t shoot very many people, but most of the Cuban rich (and criminals) fled the island, as we know.

LENIN the communist would and did do the same thing in Russia as Castro was later to do in Cuba. Mao broke lots of eggs to make the Chinese revolution. (He gave criminals one warning to stop being criminals. If they didn’t stop, up against the wall they went. Mao executed several million criminals and who knows how many alleged “enemies of the people.” Stalin the communist would take all the wealth of the rich and shoot them into the bargain. And shoot anyone who complained about the shootings. “No man, no problem,” he liked to say.

BERNIE THE SOCIALIST would have been imprisoned or shot by all of the above.

GOT IT? Communists kill or otherwise neutralize socialists and liberals. For communists, force is Option One through Ten. Socialists are democrats. They go about it by argument and election. Don’t call Bernie a communist because he isn’t one.


Hi, Bruce: I’m just writing because I don’t quite understand a word you used and I’m hoping you can bring me up to speed. Is bushwa meant to mean bullshit, or is it shorthand for bourgeois? It means middle class, conventional or Capitalist and that could work, or the first one works too, in a shorthand kind of way.Bushwa  is a new word for me and I don’t want to pretend I know what it means if I really don’t. I liked your post and think it needed to be said. Thanks john

    Bruce replies:

    Bullshit, but seeing as how I publish a family newspaper…… Which is more bullshit, of course. Never thought of it as applied to the accumulating classes but it works nicely for them, too.