Fundamentalism is the Tragedy of all Religions…



From Dave Smith
Ukiah Blog
Redwood Valley

Christianism (Christian Fundamentalism), like Islamism, sexism and racism, denotes a bigoted and culturally agressive mindset, in this case the assumption that everyone is or should be Christian — and that being Christian is superior to being an adherent of other faithways. In its governmentally intrusive form, Christianism is the basis of Christian Dominionism.

Islamism (Islamic Fundamentalism), also known as Political Islam, is an Islamic revival movement often characterized by moral conservatism, literalism, and the attempt “to implement Islamic values in all spheres of life.” It utilizes certain Muslim “doctrines, beliefs and values as the foundation of a political structure that supporters of that ideology have called ‘the Islamic State’.”. Islamists can have varying interpretations on various Quranic suras and ayahs. Islamist views emphasize the implementation of Sharia (Islamic law); of pan-Islamic political unity; and of the selective removal of non-Muslim, particularly Western military, economic, political, social, or cultural influences in the Muslim world that they believe to be incompatible with Islam.

Jewish Fundamentalism: Militant religious Zionism, and both Ashkenazi and Sephardic versions of Haredi Judaism.

Deny, Denigrate, and Resist.


Deny and Resist? Naw, simply denigrate! The word “fundamentalism” itself should be returned to its “fundamental” meaning, the core basis of an idea. If fundamentalism prevailed in these Abrahamic cults, the people would have to study the Greek philosophers, the Vedas, ad infinitum. To label the naive, destructive superstitions that emanate from the trio of abominations named in this little piece “fundamentalism”, simply energizes and preserves the “fundamental” error of their ways.

Well, insofar as we’re doing “dialog” here, I’d offer an additional “edit”: substitute “destroy” for “resist”. Passive resistance? No way!! So, “Deny, denigrate, and destroy”.

    …and you do that exactly how?

      Improvisation knows no bounds. In the beginning was the Word, and the old saw about sticks and bones isn’t necessarily true. The notion of “blessing” and its companion “cursing”, both implemented with words, would be the clue to “how”. The nasty, sticky of blind faith in whatever, is like a disease: amenable, ultimately, to “medical” treatment. Etc. Just don’t like “resist”.