WILLIAM EDELEN: Christian Fundamentalist Terrorism


The Contrary Minister (2002)

A friend has worked for Planned Parenthood for a good many years. She lives in a major American city. She called recently and asked me to tell my readers about Christian terrorism right here in the United States.

She said: “Do your readers have any idea what it is like to go to work day after day wondering if there is some Christian nut waiting with a bomb or gun for you?”

Listen to Jerry Falwell: “The idea that church and state should be separated was invented by the devil to keep Christians from running this country. I really believe that the pagans… and the abortionists… and the feminists… and the gays and lesbians… as well as the ACLU and the People For The American Way… all of them… should take the blame for God allowing this to happen. I point my finger in their face and say that to them.” (talking about the Trade Center bombing.)

My subject is Christian terrorism in America. Are you aware of how convicted bomber Mahmud Abouhalima, a Muslim, and Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and Billy Graham’s son, Franklin, all sound exactly alike using the same kind of terrorist language?

Do you understand what my friend is talking about? What she fears daily, with Christian fanatics on the loose in our society? Forget about the Muslims for a day or two and become concerned and informed about the Christian terrorists in every state in America.

If an alarm is not going off in your head… you must be sound asleep or else living in a make believe world of fantasy.

Prayer in public schools… Tuition tax credits for Christian schools… Federal government cutting off funds for medical counseling and abortion clinics… A President who proclaims a Year of the Bible… to the exclusion of millions of Buddhists, Agnostics, Humanists, Free Thinkers, Taoists, Hindu, Atheists, etc… all U.S. citizens… A President who declares a national Day of Prayer… (only Governor Ventura told them NO… no day of prayer in my state… out of respect for all of my citizens who do not believe in mixing state and religion)… A former U.S. President George Bush, who said at a press conference that “I do not consider atheists to be citizens of America”… The first six Presidents of the United States turned over in their grave, and cried, at that show of ignorance as to what America is all about.

Ignorance is flowing from religiously and historically illiterate speakers and columnists on local and national levels. Kathleen Parker, writing in her USA Today column, proclaimed in her most stupid essay that there were no atheists in the World Trade Center on September 11… “even as there are never any atheists in foxholes…” What hogwash! What baloney! What nonsense! In my twelve years as Marine Corps pilot in both WWII and Korea, I knew many, I repeat MANY, Marines who were atheists and who had nothing to do with God freaks or Jesus jazzers.

I could list examples of Christian terrorism in this country that would fill this entire newspaper.

My own life was threatened in Idaho by Christian fundamentalists. One made the mistake of putting his threat on my answering machine. The police recognized him. He ended up in jail.

A good friend of mine accepted the position of pastor of a Presbyterian church in Northern Indiana, His 8-year-old daughter came home from school one day crying out of control. My friend asked his daughter what happened. She said that her teacher at school told her she was going to burn in hell forever. My friend was livid. He went to the teacher furious and was told that she could tell by the look in his daughter’s eyes. The teacher was active in a Christian fundamentalist church in that town. My friend then went to the School Board, and discovered that they saw nothing wrong with the teachers opinion on hell and his daughter. The School Board had any number of members in that same fundamentalist church. My friend and his family promptly moved from that community.

Do you understand why my friend asked me to write about Christian terrorism right here in the United States? If you do not understand, she invites you to come join her for a week and ride to work… ride to work with her… wondering… wondering… wondering… what Christian nut might be waiting… with a bomb… or a gun to put to your head.

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FORMULA FOR A RIGHTEOUS CIVIL WAR: With all due respect to the deceased, and seriously, what’s always been missing in all this is the call for an effective liberal terrorist movement. First targets, of course: the Christian terrorists! Unfortunately, gun control would obviate the possibility for thinking, intelligent people to obtain the kind of armament that extremist Christians, the “Falwell” types, ad lib, always have loved to “legitimize”. You may think I’m joking, but these people, obviously, are so far gone that extermination is about the only recourse our world may have. Stirring a hornet’s nest, you say? Why, just swat away!