Pray for us in Paris?



From Charlie Hebdo cartoonist Joann Sfar…



Could the Paris Attack be Another False Flag?
Must we accept Holland’s Account – Ginned up in the first 30 minutes after hos escape from the Stadium? I suspect that this latest Paris attack may not have anything to do with Syrian refugees smuggling in AK47s. If the Syrians are looking to integrate somehow and get a regular job, why in the world would they want to start shooting up Paris? The constraints upon firearms possession and particularly upon AK 47 weapons of war such in France

If the aim of this false flag is to generate fear and to justify French bombing runs in Syria, I can see a justification for this narrative. While the Hebbdo Affair generated anger against Arabs it disapated very quickly and thoughful Frenchmen were once again asking “pourquoi?” about Holland’s adventurous foreign policy. Remember that France has never accepted their loss of Syria and Lebanon after having cleverly absconded with them after the collapse of the Ottomans.

False Flags A-Go-Go, Again and Again. We create ISIS, bomb the crap out them, then create another false flag (9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, VA shooting, Oregon Shooting, etc.) then Obombya-all comes out for more stricter gun laws and mass surveillance of all. Freedoms and Civil Rights be damned.

Problem, Reaction Solution. the Hegelian Dialect in action. Wake up all. We are at war with our government who wants to destroy all we hold dear and our children will bear the results of what stand up to, or stand down, to what has happened to this country. We are now 19 TRILLION dollars in debt and live in a police state of mass surveillance where our President declares sole authority to assassinate anyone he chooses, even Americans by executive order alone.

Just the other week we bombed, then strafed the fleeing victims (nurses, doctors, patients) from a Doctors Without Borders with our U.S. taxpayer funded Apache helicopters….the President of the U.S. was “sorry”. The crime of DWB was they criticized the U.S. war machine, so retaliation had to be carried out.

The U.S. has been at war with other countries 93% of the time since 1776. We invaded Iraq, who had Zero WMD’s, yet 1.4 million innocents in Iraq, Afghansitan, Syria, Libya, etc. have died with our tax payer funded military. When will we say enough?

And are U.S. borders are opening em masse as well, just not one reporting on it so it must not be happening