Bernie takes on the media…



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Wow, is all I can say! Even though I’ve followed Sanders’ progress, and cheered what seems to have been his “success” in the media (whatever has been allowed him), I had been a bit put off by what appeared to be his ambivalence over foreign policy issues, and more recently, by prominent attention paid to some “shut up!” statements he yelled at a another public meeting, where very likely hecklers inspired them – and now, this particular clip has given me a powerful full spectrum view of the man. This very forceful, absolutely clear, and actually eloquent clip must be more widely disseminated in the face of sleazy media failure to cover the guy.
Example: just look at the utterly corrupted PBS NewsHour!! They, as do all the “commercial” network news outlets, endlessly cover the Republican nuthouse (corruption den?), eg. who is withdrawing, who is staying on, what has Trump done now (last I heard* he stood on his head to show he had no pocket change – then took out his checkbook to write himself a campaign donation, demonstrating his independence from anything and anyone, and affirming his right to be Public Asshole #1).
*creative fiction as speculative simulacrum based on actual behavior