The Far Left Needs to Relax a Little and Support Bernie Sanders…



From William Kaufman



GO Bernie!

Can Americans be roused in sufficient numbers to help save humanity from itself? Go Bernie and those who are supporting him!

Well, Terry pretty much sums up the bottom line! What most concerns me is not so much the spoiled brat behavior of the purists, as the unfathomably ignorant banality of the people who give the Republican circus traction. Mass media is revealed for the shill it is, and worse, as it throws the occasional bone to Bernie, noting as a sideline that he is catching up and passing Clinton. And as for PBS Newshour, their sickening performance vis a vis the Republican Circus, and the “bone to Sanders”, is, well, “sickening”.

Exactly. The daunting political reality being described is akin to a long-fallow (or badly overworked) land: one cannot simply plant seeds and expect to eat healthy food the next day. Sanders is correct about his not being able to do the work alone, if elected. NONE of the candidates or any of our recent past presidents have been able to fulfill our expectations of their campaign promises…so it bears serious consideration which “seed stock” we vote for, because we’ll be eating from it in the future.