Why I Left Islam…



From Reddit

I’m sharing my story with you of how I left Islam. I’m a Saudi, born and raised. My whole family and society are religious. As I grew older I got interested in reading about sciences particularly Physics. Since I was little I had to believe every rumor and myth that made the local believe a defence for it like witchcraft, evil eye, and other many superstitious stuff. I tried many times to speak rationaly with my family and friends and the answer I only get is that “Islam scholars say it so how do you deny that!”.

Second thing is how Islam is forced here EVERYONE has to be a muslim or they’re gonna get abandoned by the society and their family and if they’re lucky, the government will not execute them if they agreed to get back.

Also, I travelled to many countries around the world where I met many good friends and questioned, are all of these innocent people doomed just because they happened to not be born in the exact right system of believe. I mean, there are thousands if not millions of religions out there!

Sorry for the long post but I’m having a really hard time here and have to put a mask in front of everyone I know except my close friend.