Why Bernie Sanders’ rise is more impressive than Donald Trump’s…

From VOX

Donald Trump’s rise to the top of the Republican polls has been incredible. But it’s obscuring a story that might ultimately prove more meaningful: Bernie Sanders’s increasingly serious challenge to Hillary Clinton.

New polls show Sanders leading Hillary Clinton in both Iowa and New Hampshire. His leads aren’t Trump-size — at least not yet — but they were secured without the wall-to-wall media coverage that attends Trump, without the name recognition Trump brought to the race, and against a much stronger frontrunner than Trump faced…

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I definitely feel the Bern in Santa Barbara and so do my friends?

An indication of just how fed up the public is with the dismal field so far, a good sign in itself. He ain’t perfect, but he’s way in front of the rest of them. Unfortunately, there’s still plenty of time for nasty surprises. You can almost count on it.