Islam and the Necessity of Liberal Critique…



Presented at the American Humanist Association 74th Annual Conference, May 7-10, 2015, in Denver, Colorado. #ahacon15

Reformists in Muslim countries are routinely silenced, through persecution or violence, which has been increasing over the last few decades as Islamism gains traction. Liberals are in a unique position to make a nuanced and compassionate critique of harmful conceptions of religion- a position which we are ceding. As a result, the only visible voices are those of hate-mongers from the far-right, Islamists and outright apologists. It is of the highest priority that liberals exert pressure on both groups towards positive change.

Sarah Haider is a co-founder of Ex-Muslims of North America, a community building organization for Ex-Muslims across the non-theist spectrum, for which she currently works to reduce discrimination of those who left Islam.

One Comment

The book “1000+ Mistakes in the Quran” lists unbelievable 1700+ just of points in the Quran with wrong facts. In addition it lists several hundred other errors and 300+ contradictions. When it came, “the Office for Religion” in the Malaysian gouvernment tried to stop the book, but found no error in the lists grave enough to use as arguments for stopping it. The lists simply are correct. But no omniscient god would deliver a holy book full of wrong facts, contradictions, etc.

Islam never mentions, not to mention debates this problem and what it means. They only flee from it by claiming that there is no error in the Quran, even though many of them are ever so easy to see – f.x. 7 material heavens with the stars fastened to the lowermost, and the moon between the heavens = the lovermost heaven and the stars are below the moon.