Turkish Atheists Give Soup to the Homeless Every Week…


From Friendly Atheist

In 2014, the first physical building dedicated to atheism opened up in Turkey. But the obstacles have come one after another since then. A court order blocked their website earlier this year, and death threats have led to the installation of a panic button in their building that directly connects to the local police.

None of that, however, has stopped the atheists from acting on their Humanism. Case in point: their weekly hot soup giveaways for the homeless:

Every Wednesday, the Atheism Association delivers free soup with the motto of “Soup campaign for you” in the streets of Istanbul. The association is also open to volunteer contributions to support its drive via its Twitter account.

How awesome is that?

You can see several more pictures on the group’s Facebook page.

One Comment

I’m copying and pasting “Al Krauss” here in order to credit the persona “aitengri” and send it where it belongs in “WordPress”: This reader/commenter is not an atheist, not a patriot, not a god-ist, and resents having to define himself as an “iconoclast”. From time to time I befriend animals, insects, plants, and even (holding my nose) some humans. In fact I resent defining myself at all, especially when forced by the noise – the human word noise – to exclude myself. These people in Turkey may be doing some worthy “humanitarian” things, but are they closet proselytizers?
Are they covertly suicidal? Are they exhibitionists? Good luck, you folks in Turkey, surviving human events in a human challenged world (and don’t call me a misanthrope, either!)