Sam Harris Utterly Destroys Religion and Religious Beliefs In 2 Hours of Rational, Intelligent Discourse…


“I think religion is the most divisive and dangerous ideology that we have ever produced. It is the only ideology that is protected from criticism both from within and without… All people are atheists with respect to everyone else’s religion. We are all atheists with respect to all of the thousands of dead gods that lie in that mass grave called Mythology…”



These all or nothing idiots flail around in an excess of futility, and the proof is in the pudding: the whole stinking mess of cultural attachments to religion festers on and on, spreading like the microbes in fetid gourmet cheese, no matter how much intellectual DDT, or whatever product might serve, is sprayed all over the planet. Don’t argue, just knock ’em off, disregard, or even exterminate. We have the military technology to pull it off. Then, last of all, the military robotics can be set to self-destruct. This will leave the planet constructively depopulated of the human vermin that is destroying everything non-human. Heh heh, all but “us”.

I know that my previous comment is “in process”, just adding what I should have put at the very beginning: Really, two whole hours? “Heaven” forbid!
(Adds a kind of punch line effect)

Almost the very first thing he says is ridiculous. “The ideology of religion” is a meaningless expression. If that’s the best of Sam Harris, I think the rest can be left unwatched without risk of loss.