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From Ran Prieur

Esquire has a new article about the emotions of climate scientists, and it mentions scenarios all the way from human extinction to “We can solve this problem in a way that doesn’t disrupt our lifestyle.”

I want to divide this topic into three levels: science, society, and psychology. Science can tell us about rising temperatures and melting glaciers and acidifying oceans. A good book on this subject is Under A Green Sky by Peter Ward. This is the worst scenario you can get to with good science, and still Ward admits that it won’t be as extreme as the Permian-Triassic extinction, because too much carbon has been locked up in limestone. And even the P-T extinction only killed 70% of land vertebrate species. It’s not a lottery — the delicate specialist species go first, and humans are among the toughest and most adaptable.

So given severe climate change and human survival, how will we be living? This is an impossible question, because a few people at comfortable desks in 2015 cannot imagine the options and the creativity of millions of people with their backs to the wall in 2025. On the subreddit a reader mentioned the 1972 Limits To Growth model. It’s been pretty accurate so far, and I think it has proven that we can’t go on living exactly the way we’ve been living. But other ways of living are outside the scope of the model. I can’t find the link, but someone took Limits To Growth and applied it to the year 1400, and it also predicted near-term collapse.

There are two ways of thinking about future social adaptations — or two extremes on a spectrum. At one extreme, any society that we haven’t seen cannot exist, and our options are limited to what we have already tried. So if late 20th century industrial civilization can’t keep going, then we have to go back to the 19th century, or the 13th, or the negative 100th. At the other extreme, what we have already tried is nothing, and there are unlimited options that we have not even imagined. Of course we’re still constrained by physics, which rules out sustained exponential growth.

In the Esquire article, one scientist thinks that “consumption and growth have become so central to our sense of personal identity, and the fear of economic loss creates such numbing anxiety, we literally cannot imagine making the necessary changes.” He’s talking about the politically impossible changes that would prevent eco-catastrophe, but this is also true of the involuntary changes that will allow human systems to keep going through eco-catastrophe.

Last September there was a fascinating article about the mysteriously high Russian death rate. It seems that older Russians were unable to adapt mentally to the fall of the Soviet system, and they have lost the will to live and are dying more easily from all kinds of things. But in the coming decades the whole world could see more severe social changes — people losing their money, their status, their jobs, their home cities, their ancestral cultures, their belief in progress — without getting anywhere near a Mad Max collapse. So I think the challenges of this century will be more psychological than physical, and growing your own food is less valuable than growing your own meaning.


Geoengineering the Arctic is the Most Deadly Game now.
All else is conversation at this point and time in our collective existences.

Trees are dying everywhere from the mass Methane gas releases up North in the Arctic regions, as Scalar Waves above us (that one can see nearly every day now Look up) to direct the energy towards destroying the “Caltharate Gun” methane bomb releases occurring regularly up far North since 2013.

If unsuccessful, or accelerated by their extreme, lab tested only, mitigation actions, will continue to heat the Earth beyond in-habitation by all in just a couple of decades or sooner. This is according to the scientists speaking in semi-secrecy to one another and deliberately keeping from the public, according to the IPCC.
Geoengineering is a world wide regular activity that has been going on for decades without interruption.
Tree die off is being reported across the nation as well as in Canada due to the mass exposure of deadly UV-B rays. It is NOT because of the drought, though that certainly is no helping them and we will be told by PTB going forward that this is why trees are dying which is a huge lie. Trees I regularly water are dying.

On my ranch near Philo, i am seeing cherry trees, healthy and budding in Spring, just die a quick death. Same with olive, apple, walnut, mimosa, and pines.and Doug Firs. In Tahoe, the pines are dying everywhere you look, same on 128, in Ukiah and on 101 going South.
This was sent to me from a friend in Marin last month:
Hi Jamie,
I am seeing about 30-40 % of the Bay trees on my Fairfax property dying off . They lose their leaves and try to come back by sending shoots from the bottom by the trunk. Many are not able to recover. It looks like a huge bunch of locusts hit my property.
At my ranch I see more and more old beautiful oaks and madrones collapse to the ground, creating a fire problem and costing me money to have them removed. I burned a lot of trees this past winter burning season.
WTF is going on? Never seen this in my 27 years living in Fairfax.
and other reports from comments on
Alex Dover says:
July 2, 2015 at 6:48 am
Its the same here in Liverpool, England, where the rows of London Plane trees along our roads and parks are slowly dying. How will people react when their parks are filled with ghosts of what used to be?
Christine says:
January 21, 2015 at 3:48 am
I live in the active volcano area there calling us the isolation zone. Most of the native old growth rain forest in the area has died in the last two years and the lava didn’t start until August. The volcanic emissions are so bad so e days instant headache burning eyes chronic fatigue. But in august sensitive peoples were actually throwing up in am from VOG I wonder if they are adding chemtrails to the VOG it’s so thick no one around hear has visibility all this just started august we had clear skies all the stars water tank over flowing now no rain can’t go out side in early am smell is toxic surfer dioxide and sulfuric acid and three more all giving different symptoms my kale beds lost half to acid rain and smoke and VOG. I just want to know if they are adding to the horrible air quality in Pahoa HI and Hilo. I’m just waking up to reality.
Paul Vonharnish says:
January 11, 2015 at 12:00 pm
Yes. I’ve been noticing massive decline in the northern boreal forest where I live. The decline has been going on for two decades, and getting worse with each passing year. The UV radiation is obvious to anyone with a pair of eyes and a functional sensory system.
BaneB says:
January 11, 2015 at 11:01 am
Hi Kristy, thanks for the posting of your videos. We are witnessing the unraveling of our ecosystem at every level of the web of life. I live in central Mendocino County, Ca., not toooo far away from your region of the state. Everywhere here trees and shrubs are dying. For about 20 years I have been lamenting this. About 10 years ago this phenomenon seemed to begin to accelerate and fir trees began a massive die off. Other parts of the flora network also accelerated the die off. To keep some control over the increased fire danger, I have had to hire persons to cut down huge dead trees. It is depressing to say the least. Where once I had no view of the valley, so many trees are gone, that the 50 miles plus distance into Lake County is revealed. And that view to the horizon way south is 24/7 white haze, caused by non-stop jet spew trails. What continues to amaze me is how unwilling are the vast majority of individuals to accept the environmental degradation as a reality in their lives. Most people don’t look up. Most do not notice the dying environment. Most people seem totally oblivious. So, we can’t depend on the “most” to force a halt to the insanity. Your videos and the many others showing the chemtrail carnage, help those of us to stay focused on the sad reality and to galvinize ourselves into making the phone calls, writing the letters, and attending demonstrations, necessary to force our pathetic congressional and state representative to show some backbone, to force them to look up too, to make them feel the heat of a worried and increasingly angry public. And to expose to the public what is clearly a operation by crazy nutcases to destroy life on earth. Most of our “reps” have easily obtainable phone numbers and email addresses. Barrage them with constant concerns, updated images, and make demands that they find out what is going on and report back. Water vapor condensation trails is the usual response. They too are in need to be educated about this. Theirs eyes are on the papers on their desks. We have to force them to look up and acknowledge the problem, as a first step in the direction towards stopping this. But I digress………. Thanks again.

Anyone wishing to join the activism and protest in Redding, CA on Friday, Aug. 14th, please contact me @ or 707-895-2999.

The US Forest Service, Forest Health Protection Program conducted special early season aerial surveys of Southern California and the Southern Sierras in April to get a preliminary assessment of forest conditions in some of the most severely drought-impacted areas of the State. Approximately 12 ½ million dead trees were identified – 4 times that of all of California’s tree die-off in 2014. In 2014, an estimated 3.3 million trees died throughout the state, nearly double 2013 mortality rates.