Reaganism: A Failure From Kansas to Greece…




Underlying all this is a base desire on the part of Northern Europeans (including Northern Europeans in the US) to punish those felt to be inferrior, and in this case, identical to the lead up to WWII, that means punishing and reducing to slavery the Greek and Slovic peoples.

We no longer permit outright slavery, we have banned child labor and forbidden cruel and unusual punishment in most of our prisons. So how do we now make the poor and unfortunate feel the weight of the yoke and keep them from challenging the wealthy? By austerity man! Balance the budget and strengthen the country, the loonies running for President say! The formula imposed by the bankers is simple: loan the poor countries far more than they can reasonably repay, and then force them to cut services, impoverish the economy, and restrict withdrawals from their bank accounts. “Balance the Budget and Strengthen the Country”. This empty promise works every time and its coming to the U.S. of A. – very soon. The economically under-educated Republicans who run for President think poverty is sinful and the poor are themselves to blame that all the good jobs have been sent overseas. The smart psychopaths of Wall Street who actually direct the game are comfortably assured that those with empty bellies do not have the strength to revolt.