An Organized Collection of Irrational Nonsense…

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Well, I shared this on the MCN Discussion email list, with predictable results: outraged personal attacks on me from various irrational woo-woo believers. Some said it was too blurry to read, so I posted it again in high resolution from the source site:

Over a half a century ago, in 1961, FCC chairman Newton N. Minow described television as a “vast wasteland”. I can only imagine what he would have to say about the internet. The attached chart is an example on multiple levels.

Thanks for posting this chart. I was able locate my own beliefs all over it.

Extremely interesting collection, for “that” reason alone. Nicely organized, almost “encyclopedic” in coverage. Huge problem remains, however, and I’d encapsulate the problem as “guilt by association and labeling”. These are not “horses of a feather”, I think the saying goes, “flocking together”. Horses don’t have feathers, and birds flock to migrate, basically. Sound irrelevant, bordering on nonsense? There’s a kind of “black & white”, either/or quality to this listing, despite the swirly, inter-looping graphics. I’ll just pick on the one over-arching “label”: IRRATIONAL. This creates a polar tension as between “belief” (faith, conviction, certainty regarding basic principles) and “evidence based logic”. But what about “open mind”? Is the open mind “rational”, or is it simply a state of neutrality? etc. etc., tempted – but don’t have the time – to input this lurking essay 🙂 Last shot, however: its obvious the chart person thinks all questions regarding “9/11” fall under the rubric “conspiracy theory”. Oh well, to quote another old saw, “Here we go ’round the Mulberry Bush”.