What Would Jesus NOT Do?


We always hear about the many amazing things that Jesus of Nazareth apparently did, but nobody ever asks about the things that Jesus supposedly COULD have done, being omnipotent, but either didn’t bother to do or didn’t think were all that important. You know, things like… reducing human misery and suffering… that kind of thing.

It occurs to me that if indeed the miracles recorded in the bible were in fact true, and really did happen… then that only shows Yahweh/Jesus to be an even MORE malevolent and cruel being than we see in the old testament, and that’s saying something. If the miracles somehow prove that Jesus WAS in fact a god in human form, but all he could be bothered to do was turn water into wine and heal only a few hundred, or even a few thousand people with his magic saliva, then really – what is the use or good of such a god? Think of what a visiting, omnipotent deity COULD have done – but in this case, apparently, chose not to!!!!!

And this is meant to be that god’s main advertisement of its existence! Walking on water in front of a few of his mates, for the benefit of billions and billions of people who, if they don’t believe in his divinity and surrender control of their souls to him, will be sent to burn in agony for eternity.


There appears to be some disagreement about which of the virgin births I listed are in fact accurate records of religious traditions, especially Krishna, Horus and Mithra.
My main source for that list was : “Shaken Creeds: The Virgin Birth Doctrine, a study of its origin” (2003) by Jocelyn Rhys (Kessinger Publishing). Other sources were “God is not Great” (2007) by Christopher Hitchens (Published by Twelve), and Wikipedia.
I have rechecked these sources in light of the disputes that have come up. I admit to the error of listing Krishna on the basis of the Rhys book- I misread the passage dealing with Krishna. A genuine mistake… However, Hitchens DOES list Krishna as having been recognised as being born of a virgin.

Whilst I admit to the research error on the matter of Krishna and will take greater care next time, I put it to you that it still stands, that by NO MEANS WHATSOEVER was Jesus’ birth to the ‘virgin’ Mary the first ever such miraculous conception ever recorded in a religious tradition. By the time the Jesus story was first written down, the idea of virgin deity-births was OLD, and had been done many, many times, and an omniscient Yahweh would have known this. Even if 50% of my list was put there in error, the point would still stand…

I’d like to say here that the first comment which included the word “evolution” came only 12 hours after the video was uploaded. Thanks for that, that’s a new record. Let’s see if we can get it quicker next time though, shall we?

PLEASE go and look up that incredible rant in Deuteronomy that I quoted at the beginning of the video. It didn’t really relate to the theme of the vid but it is a fucking classic passage, of Yahweh the bitter, wretched, old arsehole in the sky, spewing his violent hatred of mankind into the faces of his dearly beloved “chosen” people. Deuteronomy 28. One of my new favorite bible passages.

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Jesus did not have the Federal Reserve behind him and never mastered the art of creating money from absolutely nothing. There is little Jesus could do now that would improve upon the concept of the Holy Trinity (Pentagon, Intel, and the State Department) that seem at times to run our government.