60 Minutes Report on Child Suicide Bombers…


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Just in case you needed to be a little more depressed today, here’s a recent 60 Minutes report on child suicide bombers: how they’re recruited and why they would ever do such a thing.

The most damning thing in the report may be that some of the kids are given no choice: Either they must agree to participate in a suicide bombing or they will be killed.

Their reward for doing this, of course, is eternal paradise as stated in the Qur’an…

Video here


Is David Smith fearful of retribution from an islamist bomber sneaking across into Ukiah from “somewhere” to avenge the term “allah ho fuckbar”? Either he “lost” my comment, or decided to snuff it. I’ll replace it here, and see what happens (in the name of alley oop, the child bombers were “perpetrated”):

verbatim: “Well, I didn’t catch 60 minutes, nor will I take the time to read/watch in this venue. The story has a cookie cutter theme, and the ultimate connection between what you will be “upsetting” people with, and a plurality of recent posts on atheism, religion, etc, is, well, for all the “islamists”, ALLAH HO FUCKBAR (for the Qu-ranly uninitiated, ALLAH HO AKBAR translates roughly to God is all powerful). For the jews, its “Go , JahWay (spelled Jehovah, pronounced ya weigh) Go”, and for the others, whom I term christophiles, its just plain gawd. As in “G” awed. Pox on the whole F—–ing mess of them. Mass suicide might just be the solution (for “them”). Then the rest of us can think and relate in peace.”