The 30-Day Stoic Reader…


From the Author:

Stoicism is a very old tradition that is enjoying a modern renaissance thanks to, in large part, the internet. One of the things the world wide web can do is connect desperate people who share common interests who might otherwise never have met. In a way, books have always done this, and you are reading the product of both of these.

I first became interested in Stoic philosophy by a fortuitous twist of Fate. I was taking an after-school Latin class in middle school (clearly I was one of the cool kids), and for class we had to choose a name by which we would be called. I went to my family bookshelf, and pulled down a leather book with gold foil embellishments. It was a copy of several of Plato’s dialogues, Marcus’s Meditations, and The Golden Sayings of Epictetus. I found the bits of the Crito I leafed through less than easy to digest, the same of the Meditations.

But these little quips of writing, bumper stickers-lie slogans almost, I could easily read and process. So I chose to be called Epictetus, and although the name was Greek, my teacher let it slide. I found, as the years passed, that I would be be drawn back again and again to these little excerpts from the Stoic thinkers.

I didn’t realize that they were of a school of thought at this point, and throughout high school and university I continued to read. Regardless of my exposure to other schools, cultures, travel, etc., I found something that resonated with me in these writers who called themselves philosophers and Stoics.

Over the past year and more, I’ve been more focused on my studies, and I wanted to produce something meaningful for myself and that others might benefit from as well. This work is the realization of that hope.

This book will take you through, day by day, a plan of short excerpts and my thoughts will follow. After that, a few short exercises in the practical side of philosophy may follow.

Ah! This isn’t just an academic exercise, you may think. This is true, and that leads us well right into the first week…

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