Richard Dawkins: New Interview 2015…




Finding Dawkins in my email is as annoying as finding evangical Christians at my door. Yuk!

When Dawkins et al explains (or even defines) consciousness, that will be interesting. Right now, atheists are on board with psychologists and science in general — consciousness and intelligence are flukes. They are accidents, or mutations, but above all contained and empowered within the physical human brain, and die along with it. There is no such thing as intelligence beyond our species, not in nature, not in the universe. That is the materialist foundation of all modern sciences and pseudo-sciences like psychology and psychiatry, not to mention the social sciences. And there is definitely no such thing as a “soul” — even though it started out being the namesake of psychology (“Psyche”). Quantum sciences changed all that but Dawkins et al haven’t caught up to it yet.