Help Fund a Local Mendocino Treasure: Investigative Reporter Will Parrish…


I’ve “put myself out there,” as the young folk like to say nowadays, by launching a public fundraising campaign via the site Indiegogo. Being that I am not in a position to make a full living as a journalist otherwise, I’ve turned to The People to support me financially. Overall, I’ve been really happy about the results! As of this writing, I’ve received $3,297 in donations.

I’ve just learned that someone will give me $1,000 within the next day or two! That will bring me to just $1,200 shy of my goal of $5,500. My deadline is this Saturday. If I receive an average of $300 in donations in the next four days, I’ll be all the way there.

Unfortunately, I’ve only been getting an average of about $150 in donations in the last several days. So, I’m a little worried (although I can always extend the deadline by a few days, as per Indiegogo’s policy). If I don’t get all the way to $5,500, Indiegogo will keep a much bigger cut of my donations (8% vs. 3$), and I may also have to cut back some on my goals for this project.

You can donate to my project, called “Resistance to Watershed Destruction in CA,” by visiting this page:

By way of encouraging people to donate, or to forward this e-mail to friends who might like to, I’m including a bulletin just put out by Norman Solomon’s RootsAction Network that — if I may humbly say so — reflects the importance of the journalism I do.

Journalism that challenges power structures and investigates deeply into the causes of environmental destruction and social injustices doesn’t get very much financial support from dominant media institutions. But that’s exactly why it’s so precious. In contrast to the media organs of the rich and powerful, my goal will always remain to serve as a tribune of marginalized people and of ecosystems that otherwise have less of a voice or no voice at all.

I’ve already accomplished some pretty good things as a journalist, so I’m eager to see what I can do if I have enough resources to go after it full-time.

Thanks so much for your consideration.