Welcome to Utopia…

From Australian Magazine

On a remote Island, a rich former executive and his wife wait for the world to end. They want others to join — but it’s a one-way trip…

Three reasons why the world can’t end: my wife and daughters. Things I won’t miss: eight-character passwords, four-digit pins and leaf-blowers; life’s merry-go-round of small victories, the carrot-and-stick mystery of existence and “down, down, prices are down”.

A bullying moonlit ocean wave slams the wall of my cabin, our 14m ­catamaran dips into a trough and a blue ink line slashes across my notepad. We are nine hours’ hard night sail from the new world.

I sleep and dream of drowning. Before dawn I emerge above deck to find Steve Quinto at the ship’s wheel, where I left him last night. Steve is a rich American businessman. He once owned an international airline, pioneered low-cost travel across the United States. Steve believes the world I know is in the second phase of certain self-destruction. “So you’ve found your way to us,” he says. He nods to the horizon. Cloud and fog seem to shift at his command and the untouched, impenetrable west coast forest mountains of the island of Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu, rise out of the Pacific like monsters made of moss and vine.

Beyond those mountains is Steve’s utopia, an 800ha living ark that he has spent the past eight of his 79 years creating, investing his life’s fortune in the shipment of 300 tonnes of materials from around the world to the very edge of human existence. Paradise. Salvation. A new world for when the old one dies. He calls it Edenhope. Eden would have sufficed. “Soon you will meet Ona,” Steve says. Ona is a girl. Ona is a beginning…

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