Muslims should be ashamed of Islam…

From Taslima Nasreen
No Country For Women

All religions are nonsense. All religions are fairy tales, to fool people.

All religions were born out of ignorance. But it is only Islam which is still shamelessly showing its barbaric behaviour all over the world. Blind believers of Islam have no intention to stop persecuting people, humiliating humanity, stoning women, banning conscience, burning books in the name of protecting their God and prophet.

I hope you know that Saudi humanist Raif Badawi is facing 10 years imprisonment and 1000 lashes for calling an end of religious domination over public life. The reality is, if you want to stop Islamic oppression to save humanity, authorities will accuse you of insulting Islam and punish you. It is not limited to Saudi Arabia. Way too many countries in the world believe in the same insanity.

We hear disturbing news everyday. Women are stoned to death for being in love, writers or artists or human rights activists are lashed, slaughtered, imprisoned, hanged for criticizing Islam.

Today, it is the only ideology in the world which is exempt from critical scrutiny. People stay away from criticizing Islam not because they love Islam, but because they are scared of its terrorist-murderer-slaughterer protectors.

I wonder why Muslims are not ashamed of Islam. How many centuries do they need to know that Islam is not a religion of peace, it is just an anti human rights, anti free speech, anti democracy religion which was created by an Arab camel driver for his own interest.

Let’s protest against the violation of human rights. Come on, it is 21st century, we should not allow ignorance to rule the world.


Considering the totality of things, white people are so far ahead in the shame race so as to make any other group look like angels. Pointed fingers always turn on the pointers.


    Another expression is “point a finger at someone else and you have three pointing back at yourself.

Thanx, you two, for killing the messenger. What about the politically correct posture going on in the world that Islam and Muslims must be handled with tender regard?
“If Jesus had had guns, there would be no Christianity. If Mohammed had had guns, everyone on this earth would be Muslim.”

Sung to You Gotta Have Heart:

Ya gotta have hate
All you really need is hate