Do-It-Yourself Solar Independence…

From GoSol

Our objective is to design the simplest, most powerful solar concentrators that can be built locally or industrially using standard materials and existing capacity.

Solar concentrators do as the name suggests, concentrate sunlight to increase the energy density, temperature and efficiency of applications.

Horizontal concentration


Our horizontal concentrators keep the light close to the ground for easy access. Designed for ovens and cooking. Scales from 4 – 10.

Vertical concentrations2

Our Solar Concentratorstors maximize performance and minimize material. Designed for small stove tops and large-scale steam generation. Scales from 1 – 60.


Solar concentrators can be used to generate heat, to power stoves, ovens, or generate steam, or can concentrate on a small Photovoltaic cell to convert directly to electricity (Concentrating Photovoltaic or CPV).

Solar Fire is a versatile technology, with many potential applications :-

Direct heat production from 5kW to 100kW unit size (no limit in field size)
- Steam production to supply all standard existing thermal processes1
- Heating (ex : pasteurize, textile industry, …)
- Mechanical powering (ex : steam engine, steam turbine, pumping)
- Producing electricity through mechanical power vector
- Co-generation (CHP)
- Direct electricity from “concentrating photovoltaic cells” (CPV)Our mission is to eradicate energy poverty and minimize the damage of climate change by breaking down the barriers to solar energy access.

Our goal is to overcome the cost and complexity barriers currently limiting spontaneous viral deployment of solar thermal technologies in humanitarian, commercial and industrial contexts.

GoSol catalyzes the peer-to-peer spread of solar thermal technologies by distributing Fab Kits, by disseminating open-source blueprints and by connecting users to builders and builders to information.

We strive to create a virtuous circle of cooperation by integrating businesses and NGOs as well as individuals to create a hub where knowledge, experience, products, components and services are exchanged.

All the tools and materials to construct Solar Concentrators technologies are already produced and stocked en masse around the world. We just need a spark. Spark the Solar Fire with us!