Fukushima: Crisis “much more severe than we’re led to believe” — ‘Mind-boggling’ — Small quake could tip over reactors and start it all over again — Japan “selling soul to devil” if they restart nuclear plants…

From Breaking the Set

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  • Michio Kaku, Ph.D. in nuclear physics from UC Berkeley and protégé of Edward Teller‘father of hydrogen bomb’: The crisis is much more severe than we’re led to believe. Documents have been coming out over the last 2 years showing how the utility and government deliberately suppressed vital information. Did you know that even as the accident is progressing and they said don’t worry and everything is under control, they were contemplating evacuating Tokyo? Evacuating Tokyo, it’s mind-boggling, but that’s how severe the accident was. Now right now we have 3 melted reactors. It’ll take 40 years by their estimate to clean up this disastrous accident and it could start again anytime soon. A small earthquake could tip it over and the accident starts all over.

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  • Kaku: Germany says never again — they saw what happened at Fukushima. A disaster in Germany could literally wipe out Germany as a nation.

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  • Kaku: Japan made a Faustian bargain, Faust was a legendary figure who sold his soul to the devil for unlimited power. That’s the Faustian bargain Japan made after the war. And now they’re going to have to reanalyze whether it’s worth it to sell your soul to the devil.

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