Fukushima: “Pacific Ocean is under incredible threat… Americans are now starting to reap that on their West Coast” — Kamps: “An unprecedented catastrophe… should be independent monitors sent to Fukushima to try to get the truth as to how bad this is”…

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Kevin Kamps, Radioactive Waste Specialist at Beyond Nuclear, Mar. 18, 2014: […] now the scientific models are showing the liquid plume in the ocean reaching the shores of North America […] this is an unprecedented radioactive catastrophe for the world’s oceans. […] contact every level of representative government that we have and if you live on the west coast, that would certainly include your local and state governments. But the federal government is supposed to be taking care of this matter on behalf of the American people […] it calls for international involvement, and something to keep in mind is that these discharges did not end on March or April 2011, in fact the discharges to the ocean are a daily occurrence. We are talking 300.000 iters per day of radioactive ground water flowing into the ocean. So, this is an international catastrophe, the oceans do not belong to Japan of course, and so, yes, there should be the best minds and independent monitors sent to Fukushima to try to get the truth as to how bad this is, where [it’s] going. […] seafood contamination is a serious issue especially because of bio-concentration of radioactivity in the food chain and we sit at the top of food chain […] testing of seafood is essential […] that needs an urgent priority placed upon it at the federal level.

Fukushima Evacuee Gavin Allwright, Public Meeting at the UK’s House of Commons, Mar. 10, 2014 (at 8:15 in): There’s a real feeling now that Fukushima’s done. There was a very conscious decision to move airborne contamination to waterborne contamination — Pacific Ocean’s under incredible threat at the moment. Americans are now starting to reap that on their West Coast.

Watch the meeting at the UK’s House of Commons here

People need to pay close attention to the evacuee’s video, and realize that anyone living near these reactors can expect the same thing in a big disaster. All of these NP plants need to be shut down, and focus and money spent on remediation and control until the the technology exists to permanently deal with the nuclear waste by-products that will exist for hundreds of thousands of years.

Governments will seek to maintain the status quo at all costs no matter the cost to the environment/humanity/biology. Ego prohibits the powers that be from throwing in the towel and admitting failure. It is up to each individual to demand change.

A readable review (“The Age of Radiance”) for those interested in a concise history, accent and fall, of nuclear energy.


The author of ‘The Age of Radiance’ “concludes by pointing out that many leading environmentalists have now come to embrace (well-regulated) nuclear power as the only currently viable solution to the modern world’s voracious energy demands.”

I’d recommend these books:

• Samuels, Richard J (2013) “3.11: Disaster and Change in Japan”

• Nadesan, Majia H (2013) “Fukushima and the Privatization of Risk”

• The Independent Investigation Commission on the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident (2014) “The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Disaster: Investigating the Myth and Reality”

• The Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission (2012) “The Official Report”

• Lochbaum, David, Edwin Lyman, Susan Q. Stranahan, and the Union of Concerned Scientists (2014) “Fukushima: The story of a nuclear disaster”

Reviews of the books here:
…there are many isotopes which are extremely toxic and shouldn’t be in the environment . We should keep in mind that when you have caesium you also have hundreds of different types of isotopes . Caesium does not travel alone .

Pronuke supporters keep giving false information trying to play down the seriousness of this catastrophe.

There are 3 meltdown reactors in fukushima which makes it the worst disaster this world has ever seen .

There is leakage of hundreds of tons of the most toxic substances into the underground water and into the ocean daily .

Everything you heard about radiation decreasing is a lie , nothing is decreasing when you have three reactors with meltdowns .

Radiation does not dilute like chemicals , it disperses and forms hot spots and cold spots . While someone could be measuring a cold spot and getting low radiation levels , there can be a hot spot a few feet away with extremeley high levels .

Every release of isotopes into the environment will eventually cause more sickness and death to not only humans but also to plants and animals.

People should stop relying on the information from the main stream media which is under extreme censorship…