Headline of the Day…


From Hullabaloo

Another region where the Russian military threatens to dominate the U.S.

Another one??? Oh my God! Run for yer lives! (Or better yet, duck and cover…) Actually it makes me feel young again. Really young. Like when I was in elementary school. That’s the kind of lying bullshit we heard day in and day out as an excuse for unfettered military spending. (Anyone remember the missile gap?)

Here’s reality. According to this analysis (I don’t know if it’s right in all details, but the general gist is certainly correct) the US and Russia are Number 1 and Number 2 in military strength. But since the US alone has nearly 50% of all the global military strength on the planet the difference between number 1 and number 2 is vast..

The US is on the left and Russia is on the right above.

And one might also point out that this is just the US vs Russia. It doesn’t count NATO which is most of Europe or the American allies in North America.

The differences between the two countries in economic terms are just as huge and the idea that Russia is going to dominate America in anything but maybe vodka production is ridiculous.  In other words, this is the stupidest CNN headline ever. But I’m going to guess that it won’t be the last we see of the new Commie Cold War. They’re getting very excited.


Again, and still, it is about the oil. The same reason we had a first and second world war. Most uses of oil can be serviced by other fuels. MECHANIZED WAR, on the other hand, NEEDS OIL. If a military wants full spectrum dominance, like the current US military, it boils down to controlling oil. All the rest is theater and disinformation.


Funny? Don’t forget Obama’s view of America’s destiny as the world’s dominant military force. This post was most valuable for me because of the links to “related” posts – I had never seen Jim Houle’s “The Great Game”, so I read it, and aside from being an excellent capsule summary of Central Asian history, it contains an Obama military rant, which backs up, for me, my increasingly negative feelings about the American president. Obama’s been thinking like this about America’s destiny ever since (Houle’s piece was written in 2009),