Fukushima: Massive die-off of oysters and scallops in Pacific Northwest: “Millions of shellfish dying” — Never seen anything like it — “By July mortality hit 95 to 100 per cent” — “Deformed shells, smaller in size” — “Cause is unknown, but ocean acidification is main suspect”…


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Globe and Mail, Feb. 27, 2014: Mystery surrounds massive die-off of oysters and scallops off B.C. coast […] Something is killing oysters and scallops in dramatic numbers […] The cause is unknown, but ocean acidification is the main suspect. […] last year, nearby Pendrell Sound had a massive die-off of wild oysters. […] [Rob Saunders, CEO of Island Scallops] has lost 10 million scallops over the past two years, and smaller companies have had similar problems. Mr. Saunders is pushing for a research project to find out what’s happening. […] one of BC’s biggest suppliers of fresh seafood, said the scallop die-off has rung alarm bells.

CBC, Feb. 25, 2014: The deteriorating health of B.C.’s oceans […] Millions of shellfish are dying off before they can be harvested at Island Scallops […] researchers will try to determine if acidification is to blame or if other factors are at play.

Vancouver Sun, Feb. 26, 2014: Scallop operations, big and small, are reporting die-offs this year. […] “No one — not even the researchers — expected the situation to decline this rapidly,” Saunders said. An audit of Island Scallops’ facilities early in 2013 counted three million scallops seeded in 2010 and seven million from 2011. “We started gearing up for processing,” he said. But the animals started to die soon after and by July, mortality hit 95 to 100 per cent. Other local growers faced the same fate.

Yves Perreault, president of the BC Shellfish Grower’s Association: “It’s a remote area, the water is clean … we haven’t had any environmental concerns, so I’m not sure what’s going on.”

Guy Dean, vice-president at Albion Fisheries: “It’s definitely a sign. It’s like the canary in the coal mine. That is the early indicator of climate change”

Rob Saunders, CEO of Island Scallops: “Is it a disease? Is it just strictly C02 stress or acid stress? If we don’t figure it out, then we don’t have an industry.”

Oceanside Star, Feb. 27, 2014: [A]cidity in the Pacific Ocean is decimating Vancouver Island’s farmed shellfish […] eating holes in the shells of scallops […] B.C. Shellfish Grower’s Association concludes that rising ocean acidity is killing oyster and scallop larvae in B.C. and Washington.

Rob Saunders, CEO of Island Scallops: “Initially, the cause was looked at as a disease […] We couldn’t grow any larvae. About three billion of them died […] At harvest, each hauled-up cage normally contains 300 scallops. Now, we’re getting less than five scallops per cage. These scallops have deformed shells and are smaller in size.”

CBC, Feb. 26, 2014:  Mr. Saunders, you’ve been in this business for 35 years, have you ever seen anything like this? No. […] It’s the North Pacific […] hatcheries in Washington State are seeing very similar problems […] Is it a pathogen? We don’t particularly know. We’ve looked at the known pathogens and it’s not occurring. […] We’re not quite sure what the problems are. […]

CBC interview with Rob Saunders of Island Scallops here


Well, ocean acidification from CO2 absorption and radioactive contamination from the Fuke are certainly two looming planetary disasters, but there’s no direct correlation between them. These sorts of sensational but misleading headlines just make those sounding the alarm look either stupid or ignorant, at a time when neither stupidity nor ignorance will serve us. Too bad.

    Agreed. I opened this page to comment on my own that “acidification”, and the actual report about the situation, by being linked to a blog with Fukushima as its theme, doesn’t do the original topic any favors. As izzy implies, these waters are being muddied.

      C’mon, Al. They will try and blame these problems on anything BUT Fukushima radiation! “Actually,… The atomic radiation causes acidic rain in the atmosphere and ecological die off in the ocean, thus releasing methane into the atmosphere at acceleration causing global climate change. A cyclic disaster all round.”

What I see is an abandonment of populations by their own governments. Think about it. Are the waters being “muddied” by the sincere speculations, or have powerful entities used their control of governments to prevent an honest investigation by people with convincing claims to independence and competence, using subpoena power as part of an open investigation to get to the bottom of this issue which threatens powerful industry interests. Sailing in a sea of falsehood does not allow for truth to be revealed. It is pretty clear to me that the primary issue is corruption in government.


“Well, ocean acidification from CO2 absorption and radioactive contamination from the Fuke are certainly two looming planetary disasters, but there’s no direct correlation between them.”

Really? Both disasters are intimately related, both being examples of corrupt governmental interference with the dissemination of truth. And even closer, both disasters are the product of criminal actions (last I checked killing lots of people is still still illegal) by giant multinational corporations that are consistently putting massive profits over peoples lives and health. It is the central problem that has been destroying honesty in government by a wide range of criminal actives including, but not limited to, suppression of human and civil rights everywhere in the world, the dissemination of disinformation and attacks on journalist who are brave enough to find, and report honestly on, issues that powerful people don’t want the public informed about. I am pausing for a minute to remember the martyrs to honest journalism. Chief amongst these in my thoughts are: Michael Hastings, assassinated recently in LA; Gary Webb, award winning journalist who was hounded to death; Mumia Abu-Jamal, who remains in prison, having narrowly escaped being murdered by the State.

When dealing with issues abuse of commercial and state power, I agree, it is useless to speculate, since we are not informed enough to cut through the lies. But I also see such speculations, by the victims of this abuse, are inevitable as people sense the evil hiding behind the curtain of lies and are justifiably terrorized by much of the disinformation and the dribble of actual truth that the machine of injustice intentionally, or accidentally, reveals.

I don’t understand the logic of focusing on the foibles of the masses of people who are victims of terror. Focus instead on the perpetrators. The dogmatic belief that there is truth on both sides in incidents of violence is very destructive attitude. Giving the benefit of of doubt to serial perpetrators is a very destructive attitude that enables predation. Perpetrators always try to blame their victims. You too are a victim. What logic is involved in the persecution of victims? Recently we have seen court case after case where the victim is put on trial instead of the perpetrator, as in the Travon Martin case. The experience of viewing the hostile treatment of other victims of crime causes many to not to seek justice lest they become the person tried, and convicted in the public mind, instead of the perpetrator, particularly when the victim is non-white, non-connected, and without resources. Taking the side of those in power instead of their victims is an aspect of the depravity that is overtaking our society. Shamelessness in the pursuit of power and wealth is the central crime defining this depravity. With the mounting severity of injustice we may have already passed the point of no return on our way to extinction.


Well, I will take responsibility for throwing a clod of mud into the clear waters of rational discourse. Sorry. You’re quite right, Dave, that obfuscation will be the preferred information channel vis a vis Fukushima. Still, there is an aura of “off topic” and a bit of paranoia in connecting, too quickly, the acidification projection with Fukushima, as tempting as it may be. So, let’s keep hunting for the facts, and sooner or later these will be forthcoming.

Facts aren’t what they used to be. In the age of professional lying actual facts are hemmed in by falsehoods and can only be perceived dimly, even with intense, courageous research. Nothing is as it seems. A good introduction to this phenomenon is the PBS series Untold History of the United States (2014) by Oliver Stone. The memory hole turns history in mystery.

An example I often use for the power of professional lying is the fact that it was the Nazis who burned down the Reichstag and not a lone nut communist terrorist. This fact was revealed by William Shirer who had access to captured secret Nazi documents that described the actual events. Yet, in spite of the agreement of professional historians, large segments of the population still believe the Nazi propaganda about a lone terrorist. The “fact” of the lone Communist terrorist first concocted by Göring and Goebbels in the early days of the the Nazi take over of Germany may well outlive the actual facts.

By now most people believe that Kennedy was assassinated by some murky group, but the professional liars have managed to keep even the facts revealed in official government inquiry and the list of presumed co-conspirators so confusing that there is virtually no agreement about the who, what, why of the assassination because the clever professional liars are masters of inducing confusion in the public. The CIA cocaine distribution in California, for instance, was investigated by the CIA Inspector General, who publicly reported confirming the work of Gary Webb and described a situation much worse than the reporters story. Yet he suffered a virtual expulsion from US journalism, and ended up committing suicide because of unrelenting harassment and undermining.

Consequently, I am unmoved by the argument that the “facts” will eventually be uncovered. Sorry.