New Local Blog: TABU — Towards a Better Understanding…

Anderson Valley

[Jamie Lee, an occasional contributor to Ukiah Blog over the  years, has created a new blog, TABU, well worth your visits. Also, the Anderson Valley Advertiser has upgraded its handsome website, TheAVAcom, to make it more accessible. -DS]

Why this Blog?

This blog has been set up to provide all with relevant, timely information that affects us all.

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I ask nothing for this service other than you share information you find relevant, or this blog itself, with your list serve, family and friends.

The first step towards needed change is education. We must know what is going on, how it happened, what has been successful, what has failed and what options are available to us to design a much better future. Only through us all educating each other can we be better informed and help raise all to higher forms of consciousness. I believe this is why the internet was created.

There can be no doubt. We all are in a period of Great Transition.  History has shown us time and again that there are periods of great consistency and “sameness” and then there are times of great upheaval and rapid change. The greatest changes now being to our weather and to our radiated world we’ve created through technology and very short term, for-profit actions around our planet.

Fukushima has shown us a clear example that our government, nor any government on this planet, cares about our and our families health and well being and they are set up now to only protect corporate interests who fund their residency… more here