Actor Peter Coyote takes down Environmental Turncoat Stewart Brand’s support of Nuclear Power…

 From Earth Island Institute

On July 21, Earth Island Journal hosted a debate here at the David Brower Center about how technological advancements can be balanced with environmental protection. On one side we had Stewart Brand, publisher of the iconic Whole Earth Catalog and author of the book, Whole Earth Discipline, which argues – in sometimes strident tones – that environmentalists need to reconsider their opposition to nuclear power, genetically modified foods, and geoengineering of the planet’s atmosphere. On the other side we had prominent Indigenous leader Winona LaDuke, who has been an eloquent spokeswoman (and tireless activist) for the importance of traditional knowledge, especially when it comes to food production…

Highlights from the debate on Technology and the Environment available here

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he was eloquent .. tactful .. and direct .. i love when the response is ‘silence’ .. !!