Fukushima China Syndrome Confirmed: The melted atomic fuel cores are underground and out of containment forever… polluting our Pacific Ocean forever… with all oceans connected, there is no place for us to hide…


Image published by embassy in Japan shows Fukushima melted fuel deep underground…

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A “critical mass” doesn’t have a “half life”. It’s not getting cooler, it’s getting hotter. It would have a rate of accretion, meaning a rate at which it’s converting it’s environment into more and more uranium and plutonium. As it grows in mass, it grows in density and gets hotter. When it first melted down it was about 230 tons of nuclear fuel at about 9000 degrees Fahrenheit. It melted about 100 feet down in 5 months. By now it’s got to be about 1000 feet down if not further, I don’t know exactly what it’s rate of accretion is. But they apparently drilled a channel from the ocean to it and installed a pipe and since August 20th 2013, they’ve been boiling the ocean with it. There’s a report available on ENE news, find it with Fukushima boiling ocean. Just about the whole ocean is dead now. If there’s anything left alive it’s dying fast.


This has been obvious for a very long time and reported on a lot. Why is this considered news? It is the dismal science miseducation in the US the reason? Basic science education in most of the world allowed most folks, who were interested, to understand this since the early days when you could look down into the empty reactor buildings and realize that the cores were gone. Where else could they have gone? The news for me is that the Japanese government is in total denial of reality and wants to push forward with nuclear power. These bureaucratic idiots are seemingly unmoved by reality.

Sociopathic rule is like this.


So much uninformed or misinformed nonsense. The melted uranium core materials DO have a half-life, like all radioactive materials. In fact radioactive emissions are a byproduct of nuclear decay. It is simply false that the uranium core melting down creates more and more uranium. It is ridiculous to assert that the Japanese have drilled a tunnel from the ocean to the melted core, when in fact they have tried to freeze the soil to block the flow of groundwater from reaching the ocean.

Dave, what’s up with posting just a silly, unsupported and mistaken comment instead of the source article itself?

    Nick: Until responsible and informed parties start tracking and telling the truth instead of hiding it, we are all on our own… and I am going to err on the side of commenters and other concerned citizens because I’m sure it is all way worse than we can imagine… and, of course, I always welcome informed correction…

    This sounds a lot like denialism. I caught the discrepancies you note. Actually, no one really knows the facts of any of this stuff because, once a core meltdown and escapes containment it essentially beyond study. Your point about not generating uranium is an example of ignorance that should impeach the article from a scientific point of view. However, this is the state of the dialog since reliable information is nearly totally absent and therefore the ranting of some people who are ill informed but whose hearts are in the right place, is to be expected. There will be nuclear reactions with rocks and soil that generate new radioactive isotopes.

    I know of no sources, beyond those admittedly speculating, that have anything empirical to say about the behaviour of free cores as they melt their way down. People should be alarmed about this, and countless other hazards associated with nuclear technology, because the industry will misinform, will lie, will suppress, create false narratives, bribe politicians and regulators.

    In the final analysis there should be no nuclear power industry. Everyone I know of, who’s information on this topic I have reason to trust, whose views have not been distorted by conflicts of interest, feels the same. Core meltdowns are dramatic, out of control events shrouded in mystery, so, understandably the popular press, activist interest groups, and the general public are attracted by them. More, and more accurate public information, however, will increase the desire to rid ourselves of this demonic technology.

    The list of deleterious consequences of nuclear technology is very, very long, many of them actually more destructive than a meltdown. People have no reason to believe anything coming from the industry and their political whores. Defending nuclear technology is equivalent to being a species traitor and anyone deliberately, or incidentally doing so should feel shame. Unfortunately, many involved in the management and profit making from this industry seem to have no ability to experience shame, they are mental defectives, sociopaths to be exact.

    More important than the science is the fact that depraved people are managing these massively hazardous situations. And it is all part of a depraved elite controlling all large institutions. Everywhere we see massive population harming events that are the responsibility of profit making corporations that use their power to short circuit justice. Perhaps we should call all corporate disasters Bhopal like events. More understanding would result, I think. As long as we persist in wanting to believe that these sociopathic corporate institutions have the rest of our interest in mind, that somehow the system will correct itself and stop creating massive industrial “accidents” (they are not accidents but known massive risks to the population undertaken for potential profits for the few) the number and scale of the “accidents” will increase exponentially. One day it is trains of toxic oil blowing up in towns, the next day it is the pollution of an entire regions water, the next day it is an explosion at a fertilizer plant killing hundreds, the next day it is a refinery “accident” that sends fourteen thousand people to the hospital, and so forth and so on. The only mystery to me is why folks put up with this stuff. People just sit and are oblivious to the metaphorical fact that they are eating their children by consuming now in ways that will kill their children and their children’s children to perpetuity. Another observation that calls into question our species fitness.

    We would object to our neighbors shooting guns off wildly in the next yard. Why should we trust anyone with technology that puts heinous hurt on folks over wide areas, even, as in Fuckushima, the entire world. Why would we expose ourselves to such threats? Could it be because we are not free and are mere objects in the minds of the powerful that rule us, to be used at will, to be destroyed and discarded when damaged or useless.

    When Lord Acton made his famous observation about absolute power he had no idea that power would grow so strong as to threaten life on earth itself. But nothing is as true as that power corrupts.