All this suffering, cruelty, and death over whose imaginary gods are better… Nobody’s gods are better than any other gods…


From Atheist Revolution

Humans have worshiped so many gods through the ages that many books have been written merely attempting to catalog them (see The Book of Gods & Goddesses: A Visual Directory of Ancient and Modern DeitiesGuide to the Gods, and Dictionary of Gods and Goddesses, Second Edition just to name three). Despite their great diversity, these gods all have something important in common besides that fact that humans have worshiped them: none has more evidence to support its existence than any other. When it comes to evidence supporting their existence, these gods are equivalent.

I suppose it would be fair to say that this equivalence is one of the reasons I generally refer to god(s) in somewhat of a generic sense unless I am writing about a particular conception of a god. In cases where I am focusing on a specific god, I’m inclined to identify it as something like “the Christian god.” I see little reason to cater to monotheistic privilege by assuming there is only one god or to Christian privilege by imagining that “God” is a sufficiently specific label for the Christian god.

Another implication of this equivalence of gods and of my desire not to participate in this type of privilege is that I’ll often attempt to clarify what a speaker means by “God.” Which god are you referring to? I’m not going to assume I know. Not only might my assumption be incorrect and lead to a misunderstanding which could have been avoided, but once again, this is the sort of privilege I’d prefer to expose rather than reinforce.

Even among one monotheistic religious tradition (e.g., Christianity), one can expect to find great diversity in the sort of god adherents imagine. Evangelical fundamentalist Christians and liberal Christians may say that they worship the same god, but the attributes they assign to this god tend to be rather different. One could be forgiven for wondering whether such different god-concepts could possibly come from the same entity. Thus, it is often necessary to go a step beyond clarifying which god the speaker is referring to and inquire about the characteristics the speaker has assigned to this particular god.

Adherents of practically any religious tradition tend to place their god(s) above those from all other religious traditions. The modern-day Christian scoffs at Odin and Zeus, apparently without realizing that these gods were once every bit as real as the god he or she worships today. This would be little more than funny if it wasn’t for all the conflict that has resulted from the notion that “my god(s) is better than yours.” All this suffering, cruelty, and death over whose imaginary gods are better! Nobody’s gods are better than any other gods; all gods are equivalent.


Is all the suffering and death really about whose god is better, or is that just the easily-purveyed excuse used to rope in and incite the masses who will ultimately be sacrificed as cannon fodder in these homicidal escapades? This analysis seems a little superficial in light of the revelations about the psychopathic nature of the various Shadow Government operations, the sophistication of the propaganda apparatus, and the deeper reasons for all the mayhem and bloodshed. It keeps the argument comfortably in the realm of the gatekeepers.

Albert Krauss (aitengri) January 16, 2014 at 12:47 pm

These truly “knee jerk” so-called atheists repeat their silly “god is crap” arguments ad infinitum, when its clear that The Great Yid in the sky started it all. And although the Iraqis have “kill ’em” genes in their blood, and the Aye-rabbs are gonna git the Iranians who, in turn, have iron in their genes and a light bulb in their brains, well, they’re not fighting about their goddy-poos, they’re pawns in the game of Western Imperial Chess.

Well, less propagandistically, international capitalist resource chess.

Yes, all this misery and suffering and conflict is more about the next world war (each war increasingly universalizes the sphere of weapons explosions so that more of the entire global population of humans can be sucked into the killing vortex and their remains splattered about).

The only missing evidence of THE GREAT SPIRITUAL NO-NAME is the evidence ignored by the “logic and laboratory method” infected atheist scum. The referenced “evidence” is internally suppressed when “these people” refuse to allow themselves to join, non-rationally, with bees, trees, new born babies, and assorted positive contexts. THE GREAT SPIRITUAL NO-NAME is an experience, not a thingie.

Of course, the “atheist scum” are right to be provoked by the competing Deist Scum (capitalized because they continually “capitalize” themselves while insisting on their respective “belief systems”. They have founded churches while destroying the Ikons of other scum groups and at the same time smothering new recruits in “better” sentimental pap. Collectively, they generally make a nuisance of themselves in a human culture bound to imprison itself in bad mental habits.

So the “small s” scum and the “big S” scum are unified at the neck, the former stuck in their argumentative and “iconoclastic” bad habits.

And the “big S” latter stuck in their alternately smotheringly lovingly belief bad habits.

Small side delusion for the aforementioned groups: sense of uniqueness in the possession of togetherness. Join ‘us’, or you are a loser.

From one who considers himself above that fray, but nonetheless afflicted with a severe case of, not Misandry, not Misogyny, but the whole nine yards, MISANTHROPY, I hereby declare unrelenting and unforgiving war on all humans who believe anything at all..

(excluding my own brain, which I am bequeathing to Harvard Medical School with several centuries worth of formaldehyde while they study the secret code of the intelligent universe embedded therein)